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in preperation-for the shakes lol


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well i figured, i have a few days off work so in preperation for the shakes, im drinkin lots of water n black coffee- and havin a few cup a soups aday( well today hopin by tomorow the shakes will have come) i just figured this is how its going to be so im best preparing now whilst my heads totally focussed!!!- just a question does zero coke knock u out of ketosis? heard a few different view on this if anyone can help xx
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There is a sticky regarding what is allowed. Coke zero and dr pepper zero are most definitely allowed but as with all good things they are allowed in moderation. Welldone on getting mentally prepared in advance. Good luck xx


I will do this!
I've been drinking dr pepper zero, 1 can a day and also flavoured sparkling water that is allowed, my fav is sainsburys strawberry and kiwi. Hope you go into ketosis as quickly and easily as me, sounds like your head is in the right place for this. I recommend getting the beck diet book if you haven't already, great book I have just started reading which helps you change your thought process and therefore your actions (over eating). Good luck and come join us on the July starters thread x


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ooooh thanks for the advice hun, im going to be doing total solution so i think ill use dr pepper zero or zero coke as my treat so to speak! this could be a good tool ;) x


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yeh hun thats wot i think im going to do! finally my shakes have arrived, and supprisingly enough after a very long walk yesterday and the cup a soup coffee n water, ive lost 2lbs since yesterday so im hoping ill be seeing good results over the next few days! woop woop x


I can haz cake?

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