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:party0019: Has anyone used one of the inch loss clinics (thats what its called in Edinburgh)

They put on slendertone type pads and go for 1 hour per week split into 2 or 3 visits per week

Its FAb and really works alongside a diet:wow: :wow:

It is expensive £200 per 4 wks but ours has an offer on Just now buy 1 block get 1 free
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I haven't tried that but done one of those wraps where you lose inches say for a special occasion, but i didn't realise that the inch loss was added up from all your body !!

Got really fat toes! LOL
Starlight is it Tina O's Clinic ?

If you are dieting and doing this at the same time u wont believe the results;)

I lost 11 inches 1st time then went back again a few months later and lost 8

To be honest its like anything...If you stop dieting weight goes on but its not like an inch wrap just for a night out, It really lasts if you keep up with your diet..

I am doing Slimming World at the moment but my weight loss has come off 4 1/2 1st wk, 4 next and this week 3 1/2. I put this down to the help of the Inch Loss Clinic.

Please let me know how you get on....:bliss:

Take care xxx

p.s meant to say the sensation is weird to begin with but well worth it..........
Hi Carly,

It is Tinas Glasgow Branch Im going to. Ive got a free session booked for a week on Tuesday.

Im not sure if Im best going just now or waiting a while til Ive lost even more weight. I have a LONG way still to go and Im not sure if Ill benefit more a few months down the road

Im more interested in the toning aspect of it

Im really glad you found it so good :)
Tina did it at her heaviest ( I think)

She is doing an offer just now, once you have had your first lot you can then get loyalty buy 1 get 1 free so you get 24 treatments for the price of 12 @ £200. (well in Edin she is)

I think it will really give you and your diet a boost.

Keep me updated or if I can help you with any questions don't hesitate to ask :psiholog: lol sorry i just love this pic xxxx

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