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Inch loss

Well after staying the same for the past few days I just decided to measure myself to see if there's any difference. Bearing in mind I don't do this very often, in fact it's only the second time since I've been on LT!

After comparing this morning's measurements with those taken in February I worked out how much I'd lost from each area.

Bust - 3 inches lost
Arms - 0 inches lost (aww, come on!!! :()
Hips - 6 inches lost
Waist - 7 inches lost
Thighs - 6 inches lost (off each thigh! :eek:)

So in total that's 29 inches since the end of June! That's pretty good going really, just a bit peeved about the lack of movement on the bingo wing front however my mother informs me that in our family the arms are always the last bit to go unfortunately.

Still, I can't sniff at nearly 30 inches gone, can I? :)

~Gem xx
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hey RB, that is brill. wonder why you havent lost anything from the arms. my arms are huge aswell i hate them i havent mesured since i started CD but might just to see. omg im scared now my arms are my worse :(


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Congratulations RB, 29 inches is no mean feat!


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And the thing is hun, when you go to these places that do body wraps for example they measure lots more areas then you have. i.e under the boobs, calves, top, middle and bottom of thigh etc...if you were to have measured all these parts then your inch loss would show even greater.

Well done hun. You have done fantastic. I'm digging out last years diary. I had my pre-weight loss inches and I'll be along soon to post my losses.

Well done again.xx
Aww thanks ladies :)

Becky - apparently that's just the way it works in my family which sucks as it looks like I'll be thin with massive arms and only get rid of them with the last 7lb! Mine are my worst feature too, won't ever wear anything that shows them off! We'll get there though hun, the fat can't fight us forever! :hug99:


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My arms have only recently been seen by the public again. They wasn't huge before, but after a 'dinner ladies arms' comment from someone, I was so ashamed I kept them under wraps. Not any more gals.....Your day will come. You are doing so FANTASTIC I'm sure it will be soon.
i'm kinda pee'd off that i never did my measurements when i first started. i know 'what was i thinking' but it just never occured to me at the start!

great losses for u though hun, well done xx
Well do 'em today! You'll still lose loads more by the time you've finished! I know it's not quite the same but still it's something to look at and feel proud about! Go on, go do it... NOW!! :D xx
Well do 'em today! You'll still lose loads more by the time you've finished! I know it's not quite the same but still it's something to look at and feel proud about! Go on, go do it... NOW!! :D xx

i think the patients might think i need sectioning if i strip off and measure myself now! i'll refrain till i get home, but promise i will do it tonight! xx lol
:rotflmao: LOL I forgot you were at work!! hehe Okay, well as long as you do it and then perhaps check again monthly or something just to see how well you're doing :) xx


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so sorry i didn't take my measurments at the beginning, i do know that although i've maintained at this weight for 4wks i seem to be still losing inchwise and my clothes are becoming too big
Well done on losing 30" Gemma, that is awesome.

I measured my bust, waist and hips my first week but nothing else so I'm wishing I had now! I did measure a thigh with my daughter a couple of months in and was pleased to find it was smaller than hers (OK, only by half an inch!) but she has a lot of muscle and is much taller than me! My legs do look slimmer but my stomach is still huge!!!!! I look pregnant!!!! A sad old pregnant woman!!!!!! Lol!

well done rb, thats brilliant! i better get tape out and start measuring! 29" is such an acomplishment! ur doing brilliantly xxx

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