Inch loss

Does any1 no if u can lose inches even if it doesnt say uve lossed weight:confused: :confused:
I'd say yes. There are all sorts of reasons why the scales stays the same but if you are following the diet correctly you should be loosing.
Its always a good idea to take ur stats and check them every few weeks. U'd be surprised and its a lovely boost to see urself shrinking.
If you are excersising you can gain muscle but loose fat. Is that the case.
What did the chemist say when u stayed the same????
hiya I agree with Teg take your measurements and on weeks where your loss is small or you,ve maintained take your measurements again youll be surprised
also are you drinking plenty of water
As a fellow LTer says you need to drink to shrink

all the best

I would say so as well i take my measurments everytime i get weighed and i lose inches nearly everyweek even when the losses havent been great x