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inches versus pounds

ive lost 22 lbs now in 4 weeks. Starting weight of 13.13 im now 12.5

i dont feel like there is a noticable difference, i can feel it in my clothes they are gone baggy but i feel very flabby, does this go after another stone do you think? I got mesaured today and the measurements werent much different especailly around my tummy. are you girls the same. i dont feel like ive the energy to go to the gym but maybe i have to
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I seemed to lose inches, but the scales didn't drop as quickly as I'd have liked. I'm sure it all catches up eventually. Stick with it hun...those inches will all of a sudden dissappear. xx
Hang in there hun, I didn't feel different at all when I started and it took a fair bit of weight to shift before I started to notice a difference. I lost from my face first and my body after. Everyone is different and you will notice soon.

Good luck.

hi - for me the changes where VERY SLOW at the start - I lost 2 stone before anyone even commented to me and I was still able to wear the clothes I wore before I started LT - yes they where baggier but they stay did ok.... Then WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM! Once I hit 2.5stone/3 stone lost - EVERYTHING JUST STARTED HAPPENING AT ONCE... Inches dropped off, flab started to tone up, compliments where flying, it really is mad! lol


I started off with 34 inch waist in may - i got to 28 inch waist by end of july and 1 month later I am 25 inch waist... once u get closer to healthy BMI all sorts of crazy things happen! Its so much fun and u will feel awesome!

I would deffo recommend slendertone and if u can do some light exercise! :)

good luck!
inches versus pounds, ive alot of toning to do but i was thrilled when two people had to ask my sis today had i been out last night, they saw me and wasnt sure wheither it was me or not so i quess i am noticably different but its hard to see when im checking my appearance for changes all day every day!!

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I would've thought you ladies would've preferred inches over pounds any day of the week ;) :D

For me it's both :D
Id love to see whos around from these days!!! How many people kept the weight off.....
I measure myself with every half stone I lose, each half stone seems to be coming from a different part of my body, one half stone comes from my waist and then the next half stone comes from my bust, this last half stone all went from my hips.
This is the same for me, people noticed I'd lost weight the 1st 4stone, then the next 4st boom I can't believe the compliments!! It seems to just happen. I measure my self every month. I started at 49inch waist it's now 37inch.......still big but getting there. My friend is on LT and people have only started to notice after 2.5st loss, it just depends as long as its coming off hun xx
howdy-doody said:
I would've thought you ladies would've preferred inches over pounds any day of the week ;) :D

For me it's both :D
Hahaha yeah but in this case the smaller the measurement the better lol

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