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Increased Sense of Smell driving me crazy!!

haha thats so funny....I have just put the exact same thing in my diary...only I could smell sausages all day....I dont know why....surely I cant smell of sausages lol...will ask my OH tonight haha
Haha....I hope not, unless my shower gel has porky ingredients lol. No, seriously though I could smell it alllllllll day and drove me mad...unless its ketosis kicking in and it was my breath, but I doubt that very much as I am only on day 2........hehe x


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Never say never! You may be. I know this time as of Day 2 my breathe was honking. I'm now on Day 5 now and with the help of the ice drops I bought from the chemist (approved by LT) it's not too bad.
I think I'm smelling things I've never smelt before. Also strange foods are now appealing to me possibly because I'm not eating at all?!?!?
Aren't our minds funny things! Making us crave and think we're hungry when really we're not..x


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OMG me too! i went into town yesterday and i could smell every chipper from a while away... i could even smell the chipper from inside my workplace and its like four doors down... my boyfriend walked into the house yesterday and i said to him, you smell like a fry up, and he had eaten a breakfast roll a bit before that...he was wondering how i could smell it so strongly off of him... weird!!!


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I had a peppermint t before my lunch yesterday and left the t bag in my cup. When I got back to my desk my nose was going bazzurk a bit like a moth to a light!!lol
Its strange the difference a day makes I'm now on Day 5 and feel like its a breeze looking forward to weigh in. Doubt this feeling will last forever and will probably have many more ups and downs before I reach target!
OMG! Exact same for me, Day 4 today and was strolling around town with food smells driving me nuts! The chipper smelt so good and I would normally think it was a bit stinky! Roll on day 5 and hoping this eases off. Have been hungry too and feeling a bit lightheaded but really want to stick to this so keeping strong for now. 1st weigh-in Monday and TOTM today, bad timing! Well done all TFR 100%, it's not easy. One day at a time....
have tried the fizzy water and do think it helped. day 6 today, this is hard! during the week while at work was easier for sure.....weekend tricky, keep thinking about food.....a day at a time....
Know How You Feel

Everything seems appealing to me, fruits vegetables.

Weekends are hardest for me cause everyone is eating together and expect me to eat with them.

Even more difficult as family doesn't know I'm doing it as they don't approve of these diets.:sigh:

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