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Indian currys - mothers day dilema!!!


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I tend to ask for the chicken tikka starter to be main into a main meal as its just chicken marinaded in yogurt and spices then oven cooked, they usually put it on a huge bed of salad for me yummy, then I have a taste of a few other dishes plus lots of onion salad and a tablespoon of mango chutney, its only 1 day try to have a light breakie and soup for lunch so you're not starving and drink plenty of water
If you really want to go as close to syn free as possible, then Welshcake's suggestion is the best one. But that might leave you feeling deprived if everyone else is having a yummy curry & you've just got meat and salad.

If you are prepared to spend a few of your day's syns, then quite a lot of the tomato/onion/lentil based curries are pretty low in syns. Just make sure you don't have a creamy one. And most places will cook it without ghee if you ask. And plain boiled rice is free, of course (assuming you're on Extra Easy, or Green).

If this is going to be your main meal of the day, then spending say half your day's syns on it wouldn't be too bad. It depends if you want wine or beer with it! If you can stick to just water that will help.

It's a question of weighing up your options. Which bit of the whole "going out for a curry" experience is your best bit?
If it's the poppadoms, then have one: but then just have chicken tikka & salad.
If it's the beer, then you might have to have chicken tikka, salad and NO poppadoms.
If it has to be the whole hog - naan bread & all - then work it out before hand. You can have a non-creamy curry, with rice, a poppadom, half a naan, and a pint, for about 32 syns. Is it worth that much to you? If so, declare a Flexi day, enjoy it, and go back to being 100% on plan the rest of the week. Or take that off your weekly syns, and split what you've got left between the days you've got left until weigh in.

There are lots of ways round it. SW is a plan for life, and has to be able to take these occasional meals out in its stride.


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The trouble is things like this vary so much as each restaurant is different, the one local to me is very heavy handed on the oil, the one we prefer to go to serves huge portions so much so that we share a set meal for 1 and have food left over you could always speak to the waiter and ask what has the least oil/cream/cheese etc
Thanks sarah that has helped alot .. think im going to stick to chicken tikka and maybe gt some rice 2 fill me up strange i no lol .. and a poppadom with tiny bit of chutney just so i dnt feel left out :)

Its not worth using no many syns as im new 2 it and want 2 make a good start :rolleyes:

Weigh in is on monday aswel 2 make matters worse so think ill stick to the best option

Thank you both for your help

Cheryl xxx :)
That sounds like a plan - and I know you're new to SW and want to do well - but you really should be using your syns. I know to a newbie it sounds weird, but it really does work better when you use them. So don't try to cut out all syns.
Even if it's the day before you weigh in, using up to 15 syns will do you no harm whatsoever.
Fantastic :D

Thank you for your advice sarah and welshcake .. Just would like a decent week this week .. Do you no how many syns the chicken tikka is worth?? i do try and have most my syns as my leader said its best 2

Cheryl xxx :)
I haven't got my book on me - but it's there in the back of the book if you've got one.

It should be minimal syns, as it's only meat, yoghurt & spices.
Weigh in went great i lost 3.5lb :)

So glad i went 4 the meal i had chicken tikka with lots of salad and bits of my bfs curry haha

Mmmmm guna try and not eat out this week but just shows me i can still eat out if i want 2 :)

Cheryl :) xxx

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