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Indian on Friday night!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
My boyfriends brother is 30 on Friday and his Dad wants to take us all for an Indian meal!

What shall I have that isnt too damaging?

I want some plain dry chicken sort of dish - with salad and no rice - does that sound ok?

I've only got 11 lbs to lose I dont wanna mess it up now!
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If you must eat (I couldn't help myself in an Indian restaurant!) Tandoori Chicken is probably the best way to go and it usually comes with a salad rather than rice any way (it's like it was made for us CD'ers!:D).
Hey Unreal,

I'm not a CDC so don't quote me on this. My thought's are that you are thinking along the right lines. No sauces, rice or naan bread. Just some plain-ish Chicken with a salad( try and keep to the veggies allowed in SS+)


Step away from the chips!
Possibly the dry Chicken Tikka dish (the starter type one that comes without sauce, but with salad). Ooooh i'm drooling now lol


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Yep thats what I was thinking. Oh its going to be soooo hard!!!!!!!!!! Damn them! Next weekend I am doing NOTHING, NOTHING i say - to do with food!!!!!!!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Nope! Didn't end up going as I stopped by Benefit and bought myself a face scrub with the intentions of going home for a nice bath instead, I did and it was lovely! The face scrub smells of almonds - so yummy.

Made up with the b/f in the end!
Like I said, Tandoori Ckicken (has just spices and is dry oven baked) would be ideal. It doesn't have any sauce on it so you should be fine.
Oh what the hell...I confess...I had one the other night and used a ketostik in the morning and I was fine!:eek:


Want to be a yummy mummy!

I just worry that having something too "NORMAL" will give my body ideas and if it doesnt hurt me then I may want it again. Im really worried. I think that I should have NOTHING and keep focussed I really do.

We shall see how I feel on Friday!

Its funny because his Dad always comments and says oh you've lost weight havent you dont you look well - when I clearly hadnt - well anyway I haven't seen him since February time, so he will def have something to say now!

He prob wont now! Haha. x


Me on the right! x
Hey unreal,

I have to say, everyone is different but for me I haven't been able to be good since introducing NORMAL foods - like you said, you have them once and you think you can get away with it!

From a serial cheater's point of you I REALLY admire how well you've done and you're AMAZING willpower so if I were you I would sip that water at the Indian restaurant and stick at being strict untill you get to your goal which is SOO close!!

(Of course you've had chicken before so if you think you can have the indian and still be good then go for it! BY the way, most indian restuarants do a chicken tikka starter which is a small portion of chicken tikka (the dry stuff with no sauce) and a small portion of salad so I would go for that rather than the main course chicken tandoori which might be a bit bigger. xx)

Good luck with it... just think another few weeks and you'll be at goal in time for your holiday!

You already look amazing but keep up the good work anyway! Mwah! xx

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