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Indian restaurant

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Eating Out' started by Carmilla, 4 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Carmilla

    Carmilla Full Member

    Going to my first SW meeting tomorrow night :)

    Still want to be able to go for a curry on saturday nights - what do other people choose when going for an Indian while still keeping on plan?
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  3. Miss*Kellyxoxo

    Miss*Kellyxoxo Gold Member

    Hi well done on joining!! You wont look back!! If i am having an indian, eating out or takeaway, i opt for a chicken or lamb tikka meal with boiled rice and salad, its basically dry meat thats been marinaded in yoghurt and spices and then grilled!! I just count a couple of syns for any oil used on the grill!! It is served with a seperate curry sauce which i just ask for without!! Or a chicken jalfrezi or a dhansak with boiled rice i believe are low syn!! The joy of slimming world is you can work around pretty much anything and still have a life!! Doesnt feel like a diet lol!! Good luck on your journey xx
  4. Carmilla

    Carmilla Full Member

    Thanks Kelly! That's really helpful. Can't believe how much I'm allowed to eat with SW!
  5. Miss*Kellyxoxo

    Miss*Kellyxoxo Gold Member

    I know lol!!! Its amazin!! I cant see past slimming world!! It really works!! Xx

    HVGCOOKIE New Member

    Just steer clear of the Naan breads and popadoms are 4 syns each!
  7. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    I went out for a chinese this week. Is anyone able to add my syns, would really help as I do a food diary. I have a rough idea but not sure. I had a green day. I ordered vegetable hot and sour soup for my starters and for mains I had plain boiled rice which I know is free and then I ordered King Prawn in black bean and chilli sauce which is my fav !

    Any ideas anyone, I hope I have not gone over my 15 syns :confused: .

    Thanks Kay xx
  8. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member


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