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Inside the human body



synful soul
I don't like the idea of it either and will most definitely not be watching it. That is my choice just as it is yours to watch it, I have no problem with that.

As a cancer patient myself who knows full well what is waiting for me at some time in the future I find it distasteful in the extreme to televise it. I was with my best friend when she died of cancer and need no reminders.

I do not need to watch some poor, elderly man dying and his family grieving to be able to talk about death , I am able to do that without the experience of watching a death on T.V..

For me , and I emphasise this is only for me, I feel some things should remain sacred and private and death is one of them.


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Fair argument there fillymum.

I guess it's the intrigue and noseyness that makes me want to watch. Will prob make me cry and regret. But anything with controversy interests me x

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synful soul
I'm torn, I really want to watch this even though I know it will be upsetting.

However, at the same time I do believe this is a private matter & really shouldn't be shown on tv.
I understand how you feel, though as I have said there is no appeal for me.

It is not entertainment to watch someone die. For me it is the epitomy of bad taste.

That is just me. What anyone else does is down to them and who knows it might help some people.

Both he and his family must have been o.k. with it or there would be no programme.
I don't find ti entertaining just interested in how one reacts to death, I have never seen anyone die and would find it interesting how people and the person reponds to the situation, I find it formal and think it is a good way of highlighting the topic. People have a choice if they want to watch it.


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Hmm- not something i would watch myself - watching someone die is a very upsetting experience which i need no reminding of, but i can see why it would be of interest to people. Still a little surprised that its being shown, but i have a remote control, and an off button on my telly, so i am not forced to watch it.

I think if you do plan to watch it you should prepare for it to be a very emotional & upsetting experience though.


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Good grief how awful! I've already seen a loved one take their final breath from cancer at the age of fifteen, and I don't wish to see it again, to a loved one or anyone else, but I guess if anyone finds this educational (which is one of the fundamental aims of the BBC) then so be it.
Good grief how awful! I've already seen a loved one take their final breath from cancer at the age of fifteen, and I don't wish to see it again, to a loved one or anyone else, but I guess if anyone finds this educational (which is one of the fundamental aims of the BBC) then so be it.

That is so sad lolacola.

Why would anyone feel they want to be educated by watching a death, what is there to learn, what advantage does it give?

Perhaps I am missing something here.

It is a very controversial and emotional topic and I respect anyone else's views.
Just my opinion but I find the whole thing utterly distasteful and disrespectful - definitely not the type of thing I would ever want to watch.

I understand everyone is entitled to form their own opinion, just can not get my head round the idea of anybody wanting to witness some poor old man taking his last breath.
I'm not sure i agree that its disrepectful - he & his family agreed to this, so they must have agreed to it, and understood the point. I confess to not understanding for one second the point, or why they would agree to it, but they did, so no disrepect has been shown.

I can also understand the OP point about death being a taboo subject, and that this is not necessarily the best way to be about it - not entirely sure if this program helps address this taboo, as I didn't watch it - so would be interested to hear the opinions of people who did watch it.


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I watched it last night- and its nothing how I thought it was going to be.

The family agreed to it, whether you want to watch it is another thing. It wasn't distateful at all. If anything, the family will be able to remember their loved one more fondly. He said a lovely line at the end.. "I want to be remembered for being a good father and husband when i'm gone". It was lovely.

No one wants to watch a person die, and it was uncomfortable to see him die, but it also showed how death is part of our life journey.

If you're going through a similar situation then no you wouldnt like to watch it, i know i wouldnt have watched it if God forbid I had what the grandfather had in the programme.
I watched it last night and found it very moving and a sense of peace with it, I am glad it was shown and it will be a lovely memory for the family that are left. I am so glad the man is at peace now.
I watched my own Grandad die of cancer & that was quite enough for me.

I find this comment to be rather distasteful "I guess it's the intrigue and noseyness that makes me want to watch. Will prob make me cry and regret. But anything with controversy interests me x" .. I wish I had the option of not having to watch my Grandad go through that, I was definitely not intrigued or nosey about that! Maybe it's a poor choice of words on your part, I find it hugely offensive.

I don't see how this teaches us anything though to be honest. We all know death is at the end of every life but watching it doesn't teach us anything. We still know nothing about what happens after death & that would provide me with more support and comfort than watching a poor man take his final breaths.
I've just watched the programme. And I have to say I'm glad I did.

The whole programme wasn't about watching someone die on tv. It was about science, life & death. The opening scenes were life & we saw a baby coming into the world, and what our body is going through at that time.

We also so how our bodies cope with cold & heat. It was only fitting we should see what happens when our body can no longer work as it should.

We saw him c1wk before he passed away & understood what was happening in his body at that time. The end wasn't distressing it was peaceful.
I understand everyones opinion on this one and respect everyones views and feelings . As a nurse , I have witnessed death many times ( both personally and professionally ) and do feel that we as a nation have a terrible view of death and it is still such a taboo subect when it is the one certainty in all our lives .
I watched the program and thought it was fitting and eductaional end to this amazing programme about our bodies , how they work , and what happens when they stop working .
We are happy to watch programmes showing the beginning of life , so why is the end seen as so morbid ?

I understand that many people have experienced the deaths of loved ones ( as have I ) and find it distastful to film this , but this man volunteered for this and I found it was very well done and showed that death is not a horrific , gorey affair , but a natural process that happens to us all .

I do find it sad how much we still fear death , yes i understand its the fact we dont know what happens afterwards , and that we miss our loved ones so much , but it is all totally natural and the one certainty in all our lives .

I really hope that none of my views offend anyone , and if anything comes across in this way then I apologise now x
It has been so interesting to read this thread and to see and appreciate everyone's views of a very personal and emotional topic.

Everyone's consideration and respect for each others opinions has been a pleasure to see.

I stand by how I feel. That is my privilege just as it is yours to stand by your views.
bunnylovesalan said:
Interesting tonights programme of a man who was 84 years old who is dying of cancer - showing the clip of him taking his last breath. I think it is good that to discuss death instead of making it such a taboo subject at least then it would not be such a frightening thought.

'Inside the Human Body' to show moment Gerald dies on BBC1 tonight | Mail Online
It's not the first time a death has been shown on tv. Prof Robert Winstons human body program (the series which went from birth through to death) showed a gentleman dying.

I thought it was well done, and for someone who has lost a loved one recently it was a heartfelt experience.

And for those that complain about it.... Well televisions have off switches and there are plenty of other channels. He was of sound mind and had his family around him; if he or they felt any discomfort then they would withdraw their consent.

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