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Interesting article on diet/low calorie food


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I read this today. The way I see it is if people cant be bothered to read food labels then its their own fault. So many "diet" foods on the market yet we are getting fatter as a nation. Theres a rabbit away somewhere!!!!


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But some people are just used to the horrible taste of fat. Chip shop chips turn my stomach - even walking past the chippy!! Have to say though the stomach turning ceases after a few vodkas unfortunately!
Though it's very interesting what they say about the fat in the mince - I shall double check the amount of fat in the lean and not lean version next time I shop!
It must be a hoot at Catherine Collins' house at dinner time :giggle:
Hee hee :giggle::giggle:

And I'm afraid I don't agree that
if people cant be bothered to read food labels then its their own fault
, I can't imagine any person with bored children / OHs / other priorities in tow checking the nutritional info on each brand of every foodstuff on their list as they go around the supermarket!! Legislation is in place to avoid misnaming things as 'low-fat', and IMO this needs to be tightened to avoid other misleading names and claims.

With regards to mince, fat content is usually labelled quite clearly on the front of the packs anoushka so it's an easy one to check - I've never seen an extra lean mince with more than 5% fat :)


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But you dont buy everything different every time you shop. Of course I dont check labels of everything I buy. I tend to buy what I know and if I was buying something different then yes I check the labels. And the kids just have to put up with me shopping if they are with me.

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