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Interesting Fact!!!


Laugh in the face of food
The following fact has just opened my eyes to how I got to the point where I weighed 17st 8lbs at my heaviest official weigh in. (I have been closer to 18st than that but not seen the numbers on the scales.)

I've just read that 1lb of fat on your body is the result of about 3500 excess calories, so ive then worked out how many excess calories it took to make me weigh 17st 8lbs......

I was 85lbs overweight, multiply that by the 3500 cals

And the shocking total :eek: 294,000 calories of excess!!! Holy fcuk!!!

I realised this was over the course of 5 years so that's an overeat of 58,800 cals a year.

BUT the really shocking figure is that this works out at a daily overeat of 161 cals!!! That not a lot at all!!!! I'm stunned by that finding!!

But I'm glad I worked it out!! It makes me more hopeful that I can keep the weight off by keeping a close eye on my calorie in take and exercising away any excesses :D

If I'd only kept on top of my exercise at uni which is where I put the bulk of my weight on, I'd have been okay.
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Laugh in the face of food
At my heaviest I was 249lbs. My healthy bmi is at 165lbs. I subtracted 165 from 249 and came up with the total of being 84lbs overweight.

This is 84lbs of fat on my body so multiply that by the 3500 cals. That gave me the 294,000 extra calories I mustve consumed to gain 84lbs.

Because I knew my weight gain happened over the course of 5 years, I divided it by 5 to work out how many extra calories that was per year, giving me 58,800 extra cals per year.

To get the daily overeat I then divided it by 365 and got 161 extra cals a day :eek:

I hope that makes sense. If not pm me your figures and I'll work it out for you x


this time - the last time

So I started at 16st 6. My bmi 25 weight is 9st 2.

So 102lbs overweight.

3,500calories x 102lb is 357,000

I was last a healthy weight in December 2003. (7 years ago).

357,000 calories divided by 7years is an overeat of 51,000 calories per year.

365 days in a year equals an overeat of just 140 calories a day!

That's just 35 jelly beans!
A WW chocolate eclair
3 fingers of a Kit Kat
3/4 of a bag of cadbury's buttons!

Wow. That has made my head spin!

AMAZING post! Brilliant!


Laugh in the face of food
It scared me at first that so few extra calories a day could make me so fat but then I realised that it's a little bit of extra exercise to make those extra cals go away :D


Laugh in the face of food
Love your avatar Mary x


Laugh in the face of food
It's not a lot is it? The other thing it made me realise is that if I want to have something that is high in calories I either need to cut down and have much less the next day, or I exercise to account for it. So it's about compromise and apparently thin people do this without thinking.
169kcals a day for 6yrs, holy crap! Am defo gona start watching what I eat after this it just goes to show it really does help to calorie counter if you have a weight problem
Wow, Surfhunny, that is certainly mind-boggling how so little can add up to a lot. Next time I think of 'treating' myself to a bag of crisps because 150 calories wont hurt, I'll hopefully think again. x


Why Be Normal?
Hummm -- I started out at 8 lbs 10 oz, then I gained weight until I weighed 188 (so, 180 pounds) -- over 47 years -- oh, it's all too much math.

Actually, Sal this is a Fab thread -- and you are right just a little extra over time can add to a lot. So, build up that "Resistance Muscle".

And, thin people do automatically make these adjustments -- and this is what Beck is teaching us to do.

The reverse is true also: when you have had a had a week with "only" a one pound loss -- realise that you have burned 3,500 more calories than you consumed to achieve that!



Laugh in the face of food
MinnieMel said:
The reverse is true also: when you have had a had a week with "only" a one pound loss -- realise that you have burned 3,500 more calories than you consumed to achieve that!

That's very true Mel hadn't thought of that!! Thanks x

Big H

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Great thread! I haven't worked mine out, but I reckon I eat more like 2000 cals per day more than recomended :D


Laugh in the face of food
I bet you'd be surprised :)


Doing this for last time
I put on a lot of weight in last nine months... 427 cals a day! Xxxx
What a good exercise, to figure out how many extra calories a day I ate to get where I was!

I only had 72 extra calories a day after my son was born, and ended up 42lbs overweight now... eeekk! That thought will keep me on the straight and narrow!

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What a great thread it really makes you think!
Great fact. Mines 191 extra per day over 3 1/2 years. Definately makes you think :) my plan is to try and stick to a v healthy diet all week and allow myself a naughtier day at the weekend hopefully that will keep me on track to maintain. I'll definately keep daily weighing though as its when I don't check and go into denial that it creeps on. Thanks chick :)

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