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  1. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    I everyone!

    I'm a serial yoyoer! My highest being 17.9 and lowest 12.10!
    Now I'm somewhere in the 16s!

    This will be my second time on Cambridge. I did it last year and went from 15.2 to 12.10. The lightest I have ever been. And well I have binged my way back up.

    I went to a new CDC yesterday and had a blind wi. I do not want to know the numbers. Just the differences. Bc I self sabotage with specific numbers which lead to failing and starting again. So she's agreed to keep my card and numbers secret. But inform me of differences each week!

    I'm a midwife so a busy shift worker. WHO LOVES BAD FOOD!!! That's why I'm fat. There's no excuses I just love all the wrong foods for me.

    So I need to adapt my lifestyle again. I did slimming world for a few years and lost just shy of 5 st. But bad habits crept back in and I regained a lot of the weight!

    So I'm hoping my wedding on 21st march 2015! Will provide enough motivation to get me back on the wagon!

    My dress fitting (I've paid for dress and chosen it!) is in nov so I need to ideally drop at least 3 stone by then!

    And as I remember the first few days are hardest. So please help me! I need this. I want this. But I feel like I'm drowning!

    So I've had my last treat. And I'm ready to begin bright and early in the morning ....

    Anyone with me? Xxx
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  3. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Weight loss goal for next 4 weeks ... 1 stone (14lbs) ....

  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Just popping by to wish you all the best on your CD journey!

    Are you doing Sole Source?
  5. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Hi thanks for popping by it's always nice to have a friendly hello when your new!

    Yes I'll be starting sole source tomorrow :s terrified of failing.

    But hoping once I've had one 100% day the rest will follow! X
  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    It is always an anxious time starting off ssing as the first few days are the toughest but as long as you remenber to take all your CD meals and drink your water you will be grand...if you are giving up tea and coffee you probably will get a headache from caffeine withdrawal...also you might feel a liitle out of sorts as your body adjusts to the diet.

    I am doing Lipotrim which is similar to CD...starting back tomorrow after a couple of days off plan and hoping to have four to five stone off for Christmas:fingerscrossed:...Time is ticking so I need to get serious.

    I would love to drop a stone in the next four weeks so I will join you in your challenge...We can do this:)
  7. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Yeah my heads been nowhere near dieting for the last few months. In fact as far away from it as possible. And the scales show it!

    But hopefully once I'm though the weekend I'll be on my way. Once ketosis kicks I'll be in the zone "hopefully!"

    I think it's gonna help having a diary on here too just to help keep me on track and so I can look back. But also the added support of you lot also going through similar. I personally know no one on the diet so that's hard.

    But the forum looks like a quiet one!

    Come on we can do it the first stone is the biggest mental barrier. 4 wis from now we can do it!! :) xx
  8. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    All forums are quiet just now but will pick up again as members get back into a routine again after holidays and when children are back at school etc.

    Getting your head in the right place is half the battle!

    Once the ketosis fairy arrives you know you are well on your way.
  9. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member


    Another fellow Bride-to-be! I'm getting married in May next year, so on the countdown too! I started on Monday, so have a little head start on you...

    Well done for getting back on the horse. I too have yo-yoed and messed about with diets, being good, and then blowing it a week later. This time, it's GOING TO STICK, and we will do it together! :)

  10. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Oh yes I never thought about if like that!!

    I feel really motivated and positive. (But maybe that's bc my oh hasn't got up yet haha! Until he gets breakfast!)

    Looking forward to the dreaded ketotic headache :( lol

  11. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Oh brilliant. I'm not the only one working towards a wedding goal :)

    I have my dress fitting in 90 days and ATM I'm dreading it!!! I can't go in like this :(

    I have to make it stick otherwise I'll be buying a fat dress and that's not what I want :(

    How have you found the first few days? Are you doing ss?

  12. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Well here goes nothing.

    Water. Lemon and green tea. Chocolate tetra!

  13. FlicG

    FlicG Silver Member

    Loving the tea/water/tetra shot! Yep - i'm on SS - in it for the long haul. Not sure when my dress fitting will be - thinking Nov. time? They've already ordered my size and i'm hoping there will be a ton of alterations to do! Also, if they start altering now, then I HAVE to stick with it, or I won't fit into the dress in May (see how my crazy brain works?)

    My first few days have been ok - see my log for more details. All I can say is that Day two was by far the worst so far. I feel like I have more energy at the moment and starting to notice small changes (most notably in the stomach area! :)

  14. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    My dress fitting is in nov!
    I chose my dress in march but was about 21/2 at lighter! So in hoping I'll be back at that when I go in nov! I paid extra to get re measured as I was ss then and thought I'd be smaller. But in fact right now I'm bigger as I fell off the wagon :(

    But I'm hoping if I get back to that weight and loose a bit more I'll be happy.

    I love how your crazy brain works. It's similar to mine haha! I'll pop over and see if I can find your diary. What's it called?

    My stomach is the worst. I hate it. That's my problem area!!

    And this time round I've blind weighed so I have no idea what I weigh my CDC has kept my card and will be telling me the diff weekly so I don't get obsessed with numbers and sabotage again!!

    I think the quicker I reach ketosis the better! Xx
  15. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    MizKirsty , just popping by to wish you luck , i will be following your progress and spurring you on. I am on day 9 of CWP ss , have kept a wee diary too , have a wee read if you have a spare 5 mins xxx
  16. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Hi! Thanks for popping by! Wow well done! I bet it feels so much easier after a great week. :) I'll pop over now :) x
  17. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Well day 2 feels more positive than day 1. Yesterday I was so grumpy! But today I feel happier and less grumpy! So that's gotta be good!

    Need to make sure my water intake is up!

    Having a slight panic I thought my wedding was 9 months away but actually....

  18. arliparli

    arliparli Full Member

    Exciting stuff pal xxxxx

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  19. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    I know but scary! That's just cut back 3 months of dietting :( xx
  20. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Today's been good but hard. I've been so hungry and stomach so angry haha!

    So decided on a sole source plus meal. Prawns lettuce and cucumber. (I usually mix ss and ss+ depending on working or not!) mainly ss.

    My oh has taunted me with chocolate all day! But actually it's given me a boost bc I can say no and I can resist so all it's done is make me feel stronger! Wahoooo

    Bring on the wi Friday! X
  21. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    Well fell like a complete failure today.... Starting day 1 again :(

    I fell off the wagon yesterday too! I went to a BBQ all planned to have chicken and lettuce. And it was going so well. Until everyone was one me like "it's ok today won't count it won't matter, genre try this and this and this...."

    It was mainly bad protein but there was some carb in there too. Feel stupid and terrible I did it and undone all my hard work. I was on the verge of ketosis too!

    Why did I let people persuade me? I said no so many times so why did I end up giving in? Xx

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