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Into the 13s-at last!

Phew-after hovering arund the 14 stone mark for 2 weeks, I have finally got into the 13 stones :party0049:. Two weeks of 2lb losses :banghead: have really got to me, although I have been doing the 'see the big picture mantra' - but honestly everyone I have been worried sick that my weight loss journey had stalled. I do feel that VLCD is my last life line to really get down to a healthy weight and at the moment I am still healthily obese!

Anway, on and down I guess and focus on the positives- I have not been 13 something since I was a student 18 years ago, I am 5 stone lighter than my heaviest weight ( 7 years ago I was a massive 19 stone and I'm only 5'3"), the weight is still coming off albeit a bit slower, I have smashed the 3 stone in 3 months that LL say you can achieve, and I have stayed the course when lots of people who started with me have not (though I don't take any pleasure in people dropping out).

I am worried about development though, which I will need to be in for another 3 months to meet my target (or at 2lbs a week, more than 4 months!!). I am also thinking about changing to CD, as I think boredom might be creeping in, and unless development is wonderful, I can't see any justification for the expense of continuing LL.

Oh heck- I am just worried at the moment, for all sorts of reasons, even though I can do all the sensible self-talk, and even though I can slap my chatterbox when it reappears (all bank holiday weekend was spent telling myself I was NOT going to eat a chocolate!- and I didn't).

Must book my next treat- have not even done that although I hit my treat target nearly 2 weeks ago. Universal Contour Wrap here I come!

Sorry this is a bit of a downer- I am finding it hard to celebrate at the mo...
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Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Kathy, you need to celebrate that is amazing.
I reached the 13's last week, it is such a great achievement, I've not seen the 13's for such a long time, like you.
Go & buy yourself something, have your universal contour wrap, but please celebrate your achievements.
You done good girl, well done!
Kathy, you're doing really well - nearly halfway to your goal. I know it seems a long time but Cambridge will take the same amount of time (but less money!) and you may not have as much support(except on minimins of course). The thing I value about LL is the management and ongoing support. I know other people keep the weight off without this but for me, I don't think it would work. As the weight decreases the time seems to go by faster - just think you'll be in the 12s soon. We all have periods of despondency - doing a VLCD is hard if straightforward. You'll get through this time of feeling down and feel better. Just imagine how you'd have felt if someone told you at Christmas you'd be 13 stone something by the spring. Keep going!
Thanks Guys- you are making me feel more positive all the time. I am not getting this kind of support in the group any more- maybe because we are all so self-obsessed! Minimins is my lifline!

And Sonkie- you will be in the 13's one day!


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Hi Kathy,

Congratulations on getting into the 13's!!!:clap: :clap: :clap:

2lbs. is not a bad weight loss!

Be sure to check your body measurements as you go, for sometimes when the weight slows down you will find that your coming down in inches.

It does seem to go up and down, you could be due a bigger loss next week....don't lose heart over it as once that old chatter box gets going it can lead you down the wrong path.:(

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini- and everyone!

I went to Marks at lunchtime and bought new trousers- size 18s, although there were 2 pairs that I could have bought that were too big! and I said to myself- well come back in a couple of weeks and try them in 16s.

So everyone, all your positivity has got me going again- and I've set myself a target for the end of foundation, which is modest enough, but if I achieve it I will be pretty pleased.

I'm still thougtful- lots of things have happened in my life may reoccur, and I have been very vigilant for any signs in myself. A year ago this week I was in a very bad place, so maybe all this reflection is getting to me. If I look at myself now, I could never have believed I would be this healthy, happy and in control.

Thanks miniminers- you are the sunshine in my life!

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done Kathy for buying yourself something.
I'm glad your feeling a bit better.
I know what you mean, I think we all need to be very vigilant when we get to management and after.
It feels good to be able to chat to people, that know how you feel.
I believe that LL diet is a miracle & I couldn't have got this far without Minimins & all the Lighter Lifers.


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Well done on your progress...Just saw ur goal to loose 50lbs by end of 100days...I can see that you will be achievin that and some!! well done!!
Aww big hugs Hipp...some days its just so hard isnt it! Celebrate where you are now and how far you have come! I look at me a year ago in April and am unrecognisable as the same person but transformation takes time so important to celebrate the achiecement. Its so had when you get poor losses (see sig!) but push through it & it will even out eventually! YOu CAN do this! Are you still commuting every w/e? Could you have a break occasionally and use the w/e to rest a bit as that must be a tireing journey every w/e? Hope you feel more yo soon...BTW I know two people who lost 5 stone + on ll and put it back on after not having done management but know people who did & kept it off - in my book money well spent in the long run...?

Just Do It

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Hi, our LLC told us that at the conference they went to recently they published some European studies into keeping weight off.

She didn't say how many were surveyed but the figures were quite amazing. I don't want to upset anyone by saying the bad figures, but for the group of people surveyed who had completed Lighter Life Management, 95% were still at goal or lighter a year later.

I was pretty impressed.

And I'm impressed by you H.ellie, keep going girl, you're doing really well. 45.4lbs is loads.

It's great to see the posts here from those who have got it off and kept it off. Its really inspirational. Like this whole site!
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:bliss: Well done Kathy :bliss:

You should be feeling fantastic - you've done brilliantly coming so far and to hit the 13's.. well that must feel amazing.

Stay positive, do see the whole picture and please please celebrate your achievement xx


Mrs Lard

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Just want to endorse what everyone else has said - you are doing so well. I totally understand what you mean about post-Foundation, Development and beyond but look how far you've come already.

I'm glad I've found you on here because I found your blog when I had started and it really helped. So thank you!

Good luck with the next stages and you may find that you breeze through the 13s after two slower weeks (slower for you!). Your weight loss is really impressive - you've blasted 3 stone already! How cool is that?!

Keep going and hang on in there!

Mrs L xxx

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