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Introducing myself...

Hi guys, have been reading posts on the board for the last few days, so thought I would introduce myself instead of hiding in the background!
My name is Sam, I'm 28, married, with two kiddies. :family2:
I've always struggled with my weight, and have yo'yo'd a few times, but over the past couple of years I've taken control. I started WW just over 2 years ago, in preparation for my wedding. My ex husband had always been on the larger side, and I never really felt overweight with him, but my new husband is very slim and I instantly felt a lot bigger, and it gave me the motivation I needed, regardless of him saying he liked me exactly how I was...plus, it probably didn't help that I saw some photos of him and his ex-wife and she was about a size 6! - I certainly didn't like seeing us in photographs together!!
I weighed 14st at the time (I'm 5ft 5.5in) and went down to 11st 8lb after 8 months. I couldn't lose any more weight after that as we'd already had to send my wedding dress back and order one two sizes smaller, so I tried to maintain my weight instead. 2 years later I am ready to get back on the band wagon and get down to my target weight of 10stone. I weighed in last Monday morning at 11st 11lb, so am hoping that on Monday morning I will see a nice change. I'm doing the diet from home as I already have all the books/calculator from home, and did the diet from home mostly last time...it's great to find this board for tips/ideas/help!!
:D Looking forward to getting to know you all and seeing our weekly weighing results and all our losses :D xx
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Hey and welcome! You've done so well already :)

Hi Hippngrvy,


Well done on your weight loss sofar

Shabba is right when she says you have done so well already. :D

Best of luck.
It is a great site for tips and encouragement.
Everyone is so helpful here.

Sure your 2 little ones keep you fit! :family2:
really well done on your loss so far - you've done amazingly well :) good luck with the rest of your weight loss xxx


Finally a size 12!
Welcome !!! Your weights are about same as mine i started at 14 then got down to 11 but 9lbs have crept on so im looking to get to 10 :) good luck on ure WW journey x
Hi and welcome to the forum, congratulations on your weight loss so far, and being able to maintain your weight loss, this forum is a great place for help and motivation, good luck with the rest of your weight loss

I'm going to get to my goal weight!!!!!!
hey! like everyone has said above you've already done amazingly well!!! and more so for maintaining your weight whilst you stopped WW for a while! that's incredible and sometimes is more effort and work than actually losing the weight! :) i hope you can get down to 10st! sure you will do it in no time! good luck :) xx
Thanks peeps for your nice replies. I can tell I'm going to be surrounded by a lot of encouragement and support on here, which is really important when trying to lose weight me thinks. I think family and friends, who are not necessarily in the same situation 'love you as you are' and yes, it's the inside that counts, and no, that biscuit wont kill us, but, it's not making our journey to being a healthy weight any easier! It's really good to know there are people out there in the same situation who you can turn to for support and advice!! xx

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Hiya. Good luck with your weight loss journey. You've done so well as everyone has said.

I started on Wednesday and am also doing it from home. I'll use Wednesday as my weigh in day but it's so easy to go off track when we don't have an official weigh in and meeting. I'll have to pretend it's official lol! I'm just not a fan of weighing in publicly and causes added pressure on me. I did always used to stay for the meetings and mostly found them ok.

Lol I had the opposite to you. My ex husband was very slim and so I always felt big compared to him. Now I'm marrying a man who's well built so when I'm with him I look tiny haha. As he's not always by my side tho I'll stay focused on getting slim again.

Have a great week Hun xxx

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