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Introduction/Day 2 of Lipotrim TFR

Hey there ppl

I've just joined the forum 5 mins ago lol

My name is Jonathan, Im in my twenties and live in Ireland

I started lipotrim yesterday evening on an empty stomach. Its my second time using it (I was on lipotrim TFR for 4 weeks last september but I ate :break_diet:) LOL.

I have to say Im not finding day 1 or 2 as difficult as I did last time.

As I ate last time I have loads of spare sachets left over. I am not attending the pharmacy for the next few weeks anyways (I refuse to pour more money into something I may fail at).

Anyways I am the type of person who has very low self discipline and motivation. I'm hoping to make a few new friends on here. And Also be an ear for anyone who is having problems sticking to lipotrim :)

xx ~J
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Hi Johnie and welcome, there are quite a few guys on doing LT that had just started, have a wander round the site and see if you can locate them for some support x x
hey dude,

good to see another guy posting on here!,
i started this week on day 3 and was feeling like i could eat a whole chicken lol, not feeling to bad, first advise i could give you would be empty the fridge out, lol and keep on the water - im drinking around 4lts a day and its keeping me full which is good :)
best of luck


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Hey Johnny!!!
First of all welcome to the forum. You'll find great advise and support here. I have anyway lol!!!
I am on LT for the second time too. Was on it 3 years ago for 5 weeks before my wedding. I broke it at about week 3 and struggled from then on. This time I havent really been in any danger of breaking out. Good days and bad days but I am really determined to get the weight off this time.
Best of luck with your journey and remember water is your best friend!!!!

Niamh xxx
I lied... I am having a crap day.... my stomach is all over the place. like when u come off a rollercoaster for the 5th time in 30mins LOL
Awww... Good description, i'm on day 3 too, had a bit of a mental block about 4 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep... I find a power nap helps with the hunger although not much fat burning going on there! Keep your chin up, its nearly day 4!


Here we go again!
Hi Johnnie and welcome. How you doing today? Hope you are feeling better. Just get through this first week and it really does get so much easier. You've done this before so you know the drill, just don't give in to food this time. Drink loads and come on here for a chat or advice, there's always someone that will be on hand to help out.

Good luck!
Hi Johnnie, welcome to mini mins, finding this site was one of the two better things I've ever done the second being starting lipotrim.
The support you get from everyone here is feel big help.
I found the first 2 weeks really tough, ketosis took me 11 before it kicked in and the first week I only lost 5lb, I'm happy with that now but at the time I expected more, mainly due the pharmasist telling me I could expect to loose in excess of 10lb in the first week.
Keep going mate, it really does get easier. Good luck and keep us posted
Hey thanks for the support guys :)

Im chewing gum (which I cnt give up yet cz I had tonsillitis and its keeping my mouth from getting dry). But I have that funny tase in my mouth u get when you're in ketosis so hopefully alls good.


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Hiya........last time I did lipotrim I was told the only reason for not having chewing gum is because the chewing makes you think you are about to eat so will feel hungry......not sure if its any different now !!!!
Hiya........last time I did lipotrim I was told the only reason for not having chewing gum is because the chewing makes you think you are about to eat so will feel hungry......not sure if its any different now !!!!
I dnt feel hungry at all lol

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Johnnie, lots of luck on your lipotrim journey. Keep up your water intake. Sip it throughout the day rather than big glassfuls at a time. The water helps with the hunger, cravings and the sheer boredom of not eating!!!!!
Welcome johnie and good luck. Try and stay motivated this time mate it will be worth it. Just get through the first week and the lbs you will lose will spur you on to week 2.


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Good luck...

im nearly through my second week and this week has been way easier than the first

and when i feel hungry, i go use the mouthwash.. it leaves a taste in my mouth so it tricks me into feeling like ive eaten something

(even though i know its a trick i still loose the hunger pangs)

and in the grand scheme of things 4 weeks isnt long.... im sure you can last ...

LOL I have cheated twice. Still loosing weight but I know thats cz Im ill and not just because of the lipotrim.

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