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Hi everyone.. well i just re-joined ww tonight after a long and very unsuccessful 7 months on slimming world.
I have pcos and am currently trying to concieve (not succeeding yet!!) and need to shift about 3 stone to get to my ideal target of 9 stone..

just thought id pop on to introduce myself and try make some buddies :)
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welcome hun!!!! im sarah :) been on weight watchers on and off since march and lost 22lbs,it really is easy to follow and you definatly see the results,make sure you write everything down and stock up on low point foods as it really helps,sugar free jelly is 0pt and so is pepsi maxx which really makes me feel full,hope you have better luck on this diet,goodluck hunny !!!! everyone is really supportive on this site too!which is such a great help!!X


And Again...........
Good luck :) all the threads are good, there are a few which share good finds, deals on ww products, join a team and the september challenge for some new goals :) its a supportive bunch here :)
Hi there, welcome! I joined WW last week after an unsuccessful 3 months on SW...so just like you! I love WW - the plan is so simple and a lot less restrictive; hope you enjoy!

Good luck!

Carthago xx
can i just ask.. how do you write up ur goals at the bottom of your pages??

i have been on ww before and sucessfully lost 1.5stone but sadly over the last6ish years its all crept back on PLUS vat haha... this is most definately the last time im joining up..

im here reading the programme AGAIN and planning my meals for tomorrow.. im going to try to do the fast start this week to try to kick start my weight loss..

thanks guys i look forward to gettin to know you all :)
Hiya Mrs Blubby! Good luck with your new start! I did SW for years before coming over to WW and I think its a fab plan - you really can spend your points on whatever you fancy!!!! Look forward to reading about your progress on here - its a fab forum with lots of support and understanding! xxxxx
good luck hun, what a lovely reason to loose weight! im sure ull do brilliantly nic x
Welcome to the madness and fingers crossed you get your hearts desire. I know how hard it can be to lose weight with PCOS and how easy it is to put on with it. The ladies on here are a great bunch of supportive and very informative ladies - you'll always get an answer. Best of Luck. xx
Hi and :welcome: to the forums! Good luck with the pounds!
Sharkbait1983 x
thanks so much you guys... wow wot a lovely welcome :)

On day2 today and i feel like ive never been away, ive taken to it like a duck to water hehehe :crazy:

wish the first week wud fly by to get first WI done and a new start to my weight loss..

Look forward to talking to you all soon again xxx
Hi and :welcome2:

I'm glad you took to here like a duck to water. I joined last month and I can't remember finding more supportive people IRL or here. :thankyou:

There are some recipes here for 0 point soup and they are divine! You should try them.

Best of luck! If you'd like any help please don't hesitate to ask.

Bye :queen:
:cry:i was doing so well today but i caved and im after having 1/2 a portion of taco chips that my hubby took back from pub :cry::cry::cry: im gonna spend the rest of the night drinking water to flush it out asap as it was absolutely disgusting anyway..

i had 10points left today for my dinner do you think i might just have covered myself??? :break_diet:

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