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Intuitive eating


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
Hi, I know lots of you know about the Paul McKenna cd 'i will make you thin' and are probably dubious as to whether it works or not - I was

but... crickey! i think it is my answer!!!!!:eek:

I've been a calorie counter practically through out my weight loss, but you know, that can get a bit depressing.

........having to set an amount and not go over it, and when you do you kick youself, so undereat your calories the next day and so on and so on, then you find youre hungry and cant eat because you'll go over, and you become totally obsessed with it all.

Eating just because you are making a number up?
well it has it uses, don't get me wrong, it keeps you in check and you learn about food values, but.... is it really natural?

i have been doing the only eating when you are hungry, chewing slowly and stopping when full and it's working for me - it suits the type of person I am.

I can eat what i want and when I want, because I only seem to be able to eat when i am hungry by listening to the cd.

I am putting my trust in MYSELF. I'm trusting my mind and body to lead me to a healthy weight ITSELF.

I know I know it's the only eating when full and stopping when hungry part that is most of our problems, hey mine too! But it seems to be working for me, and right now I'm feeling confident that I can say bye bye calorie counting, hello listening to my body and letting it tell me what it needs, and blocking out the voice in my head about what it wants (2 different things!)

I am still having my treats though, paul mcKenna can't stop me having my chocolate now and then :D he's NOT THAT GOOD!:eek:

Just thought i'd put this post up as it really is worth a try and you can listen and still follow a plan.

the past few days I've been feeling alot better by not counting my calories and seeing losses on the scale, and knowing i fI am hungry I don't have to think well I've used up all my days calories, I just go get something to eat and then stop when feeling a bit full.
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