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Just a quick word of warning,

When I got my iphone I set up my itunes account and linked my debit card to the account so I could make purchases and all has been good for over a year.

Last week I had my itunes account hacked and the delightful scumbags helped themselves to a number of gift subscriptions, thus clearing my bank account. I am pretty sharp with my bank account and know exactly what is coming in and out and I check it on a daily basis, so I picked this up the day the money was processed through my account. However my bank could not refund the money until it had actually cleared from my account so my whole account had to be sat in limbo for 3 days whilst I hoped nothing more went out and made me over drawn.

I did get the money back into my account from my bank but now I have forms to fill out to say it was not me who made the transactions, so I hope they don't decide to reverse this.

Meanwhile I contacted itunes and they have frozen my account to investigate, who knows how long that takes??? But all the while I cannot buy anything or update my iphone and apps.

So if you have your debit/credit card as your payment method I urge you to rethink it. My bank said they have been inundated with itunes hacking lately.
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i always buy the cards if I want something.. they're sold everywhere and are a lot safer than linking a card to the account ( as you found out.. ) ..

it might be worth a look at your anti-virus / web safety software.. they may have used a key-logger to get your log in info..


Grappling with life
I spent the best part of an hour this afternoon updating my anti-virus/firewall/checker thingy. I use my iphone to use the app store most of the time and wonder if this is how they got my password as I think my pc was fairly secure???

Hope it all sorted soon though. Its annoying and frustrating.


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Part of modern living I guess - you're nobody until you've had some form of i.d. theft agianst you....or is it until you've had a stalker?

Anyway, recently I had my emails "disappear" and found them all unopened but in my bin! - they had been directed there and all my mails were being forwarded to a gmail account!

All well and good but it was not MY gmail account!!!

Now wondering whether it was a mischevious bit of software, or something much more sinister. Had to change all passwords as a precaution.

Pain in the rear!


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Thanks for the info ... Delated my card details ....hope all works out for u and u get ur money bck x