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  1. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    Ive got a free sample of the maintenance plan which I know isnt the same as the TFR but Im gonna try it tomorrow. ButI forgot to ask the pharmacist how much it is. Anyone live in Southern Ireland and know?
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  3. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Full Member

    Yes... If ur serious about Lipotrim, I wouldn't screw it up though by using it now at random unless you've actually been on TFR & refeed. Pointless.....
  4. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    So how much is it per week over here?
  5. sbh

    sbh Full Member

    hi amps; just did a bit of googling (should be working but stuff 'em they get enough out of me!) and from what I've read it looks as thought the total food replacement one (where you just have shakes and water and nothing else) costs about €60 per week.

    Can't confirm that as accurate though as I don't live in beautiful Ireland!
  6. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Im sure Ireland is more expensive than England x i pay 33 pounds per week.... Even less than what i paid last time!! My friend told me about this pharmacy!! Other pharmacys in my area are 40 pounds plus
  7. ampsabelle

    ampsabelle Full Member

    yeh I just rang them thanks and they charge €67. I think its disgusting how much we get ripped off over here - £33 & €67 is no way near the exchange rate. We get charged about 1.5 times more than England, or more - any idea why??
  8. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Full Member

    Hi amps, I pay 65euros and it's the same in nearly all the Dub pharmacies. That's for the shakes on TFR
  9. was78

    was78 Full Member

    Hiya. I pay £45 which I thought was expensive!!! Xx my friend pays the same for Cambridge
  10. was78

    was78 Full Member

    Sorry I'm in England not Ireland x

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