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Is a little bit of chicken every now and then OK?

Last night I went to the flicks with a couple of friends of mine. We went to a Mexican first and I just sat there whilst they munched away! Afterwards we went to Marks & Spencer so they could get their treats for the film! It was in Marks that I lost my willpower and I ended up buying a 130g packet of sliced chicken.
I ate it all along with my bar, and I was 100% full to the brim afterwards. I did feel bad, that I had let myself down when I really wanted my first trip out to be a success...
Today I've tested myself and I am still very much in Ketosis, so that makes me feel a little bit better...
I have been extremely good today and don't plan on cheating.
I just feel bad that I'm only just in my second week and I've already let myself down :-(

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I don't think you have let yourself down. You ate something from the allowed list and it hasn't taken you out of ketosis. Look at it this way: you could have had a whole lotta fajitas with all the dips along with your friends. But you didn't. That is some willpower you have got there!


Otherwise known as Jools
Protein should not take you out of Ketosis. Dont beat yourself up as you could have classed the chicken as your "meal". After all you could have Green Salad and Chicken or Fish as your meal along with your packs and you should not come out of Ketosis.

You did very well not succumbing to the Fajitas etc - so feel proud of yourself. If you do feel so bad then you have done the right thing and "confessed". The deed is done, there is nothing you can do about it now. Move on but keep these feelings in your mind so that if you are tempted again in the future it may stop you :D. I am sure that you will do well - after all you have gotten over the hardest part and when you are in Ketosis it is so much easier from now. Keep going :D
Thank you starlight, I think I may buy some chicken pieces and keep them in the freezer. Your losses are great, you've done fab and are a real inspiration, well done! xoxo

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