Is Anyone Else Doing Dr. Howard's Success Diet? (USA version of Cambridge UK)


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I'm not exactly new here, but I'm back after a six-year absence. (Three cheers for password managers, as I was able to get right back in!)

At the moment, I'm sole sourcing on Dr. Howard's Success Diet, which is the USA version of the UK version of the Cambridge Diet.

That sounds confusing, doesn't it?

Apparently Cambridge USA Diet is not at all the same as Cambridge UK (which has since been renamed the 1:1 Diet). I guess the UK folks sold the rights to the name in the United States, and somewhere along the lines they changed their formulas. I can speak from experience that they are downright terrible-tasting!

Dr. Howard is the guy that developed the UK version of Cambridge Diet, and it's now being marketed in the United States. I'm going to say that their products are substantially better-tasting than the Cambridge USA shakes.

Is anyone else here familiar with the diet? Since this product is probably closest to the UK version Cambridge, that's the forum I'll probably hang out in the most.
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