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Is anyone her on the 1000 kcal plan?


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This is the plan I am on but have no idea what i can have to eat, so i need some ideas please as i am all very new to this.

Also I would like to know do anybody have set times to have the shakes?

Yesterday was my first day on the plan and i found it quite hard, i did not think i would being i had done slimfast which was also to shakes and a meal. The only thing i did wrong was to have a roll before my tea and that made me even more hungry! So going to resist today.

2nd day....lets see how i get through the day.
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Nessa your CDC should have explained the plan fully to you and given you the yellow book which explains exactly what you eat on each of the plans. It is not like slimfast where you eat what you like for your meal. I would give her a call if I were you as you really need this information.

May even be worth looking for a new CDC as it really isn't a good start on her part is it?

Good Luck

Dizzy x


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I don't know, I found it strange that she did not weigh me or take measurements, she gave me some paperwork but none of them has what I can and cant eat in it.

I took my own measurements last night and weighed myself so i know where I am.

My cdc said she was giving up her work end of next week and would be purley concentrating on being a cdc. will stick with her for a bit and see if things improve.

Thank you for the advice.


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Nessa I really feel for you. It sounds like your CDC hasnt got the time to give you the support you need. The start of the diet is when you need the most support.

My CDC had a long chat with me about the diet, and we discussed the various stages, she weighed and measured me and then phoned me three times during my first week. Maybe I have just been lucky but this is the level of support that I think all CDC's should be offering their clients in their first week.

I have looked in my book for you and the 1000cal plan is step 3. it suggest a shake at breakfast time and lunchtime, plus a 150cal breakfast, a bowl of green salad for lunch and a healthy dinner of 460cal, such as 175g chicken with salad or vegetables.

I suggest you go to the cambridge diet website and find another local CDC.

Good luck Nessa and congratulation on getting through day 1 with no support.



Not dieting ATM!
Just looked it up and the yellow book is called Weight Care with Cambridge. You really won't be able to do 1000 plan without it. So must try and get that from her.

It would also have been best if she had given you the pink sole sourcing book. Did she talk to you about the options? Most people start trying to sole source or 790 plan as it is easier to stick to because it puts your body in ketosis which stops you from feeling physically hungry. Most people also find that taking food completely out of the equation for a while is also beneficial.

Hope you get all the info you need soon.

Dizzy x


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Thank you sam, for looking in your book for me. I will go have a look on the cd website

My cdc did not stay long, about 2-30 mins or so. Maybe she just had other things she had to do? she was a nice lady though.

I think that this diet forum has been a life saver for me and it will give me the support I need.


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I must admit I started on the 1000 plan and found it great - I think I needed to get my head in to the right place with the diet before I SSed, it wasn't that I didn't believe in the diet (that has been unswerving, it's great!) but, with being so close to the wedding, I wasn't so sure of me.. But a few weeks in (and a lot of pounds down) I've been doing the SS plan and 790 too...

Get the yellow book mentioned, it's got everything you need in there to go through all the plans.. I think it may even be in one of the stickies up top as well...

You can also have a breakfast on the 1000 plan, I always had the boiled egg and piece of toast (with the scrape of marg they allow you!) as we keep our own chickens but I think you can have sugar free museli as well or porridge!!

Good luck!!


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im on the 1000 plan, its great, i usually have sugar free muesli or boiled egg on toast for brekkie, salad for lunch then shake mid afternoon, my evening meal then shake about 10 pm, u really do need the yellow book as not only does it tell u what u can/cant have its got some great recipes in too.

For my meal tonight ive had salad, couscous, 1/2 chicken allowance and 1/2 cottage cheese as all the chicken allowance is a bit too much and it adds a bit of variety :D


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Thanks mandy, how many recipes are there in the book and is that all you can eat?

Just had a search through for other threads with 1000 meal ideas and found this reply from Mike to another poster who wanted to know the same question as you!


Make sure you stick to the recipes in the Yellow Weight Care book as it isn't just the calories that are important , it is also key for nutrition and also gentle carb reintroduction.



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S: 15st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st1lb(26.27%)
Thanks mandy, how many recipes are there in the book and is that all you can eat?
there is quite a bit more what u can eat, u have to pick a starchy food, potatoes,pasta, couscous, brown rice along with quite large protions of protein, chicken, fish etc then salad or veg and piece of fruit, for the 1000 plan there are 6 recipes, im trying griddled pork with orange and mushroom sauce tomorrow, if u dont get any joy finding out what u can have ill try to scan some of the pages for u tomorrow :D


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I'm on the 1000 plan and have been for weeks now.

I started off with calorie counting then switched to SS. From there I went to 790, then back to SS, but started to feel poorly and seriously cash depleted (!) so took the brave but necessary step of switching to CD1000. After SS it can be much harder to lose weight on 1000 cals - certainly I am finding that my weight loss stalls a lot and often stops completely - but I'm determined to persevere.

I am vegetarian so I tinker with the plan somewhat but I do my best to avoid sugar and products containing sugar because they make me hungry and are often not very nutritious.

Good luck with your weight loss. It's worth all the hassle and difficulty.
I am on the 1000 and still in ketosis even though I am eating carbs. I don't stick to yellow book and make my own dinner curry, salmon etc. Lost 3lbs this week which is good. I make sure I don't eat more than 1200 per day and losses are still good. You need yellow book for a few weeks to get use to how much you can eat, then I think it is important to start having a bit of freedom within limits. Love bunny xxxxxxxx

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