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is anyone starting their weight loss plan now ? I have started today

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Hello to all:)

I have started now, tonight.. I have 4 stone to lose.

I'm going to be writing my food consumed down, and planning my food and preparing it the day before.

I find that if I take all the dithering out of it ' shall I have this or not' - then I can go through relatively calmly - I did once before.

I have been an emotional eater and I have decided not to continue with this habit. I no longer like the 'payoff' of staying overweight and hiding my feelings under it.

It's miserable.

I have decided to face what bothers me and find a solution, if possible, and if not within my control - laugh.

Yes , part fo my diet is going to be using laughing.

I have a joan rivers dvd to watch tomorrow.

Things have been tough for a quite a while and so I have realized , I have to actively look for the good and the fun in my own day - it's down to me to choose the quality of my day, regardless of other things that may be happening, not within my control.

Tough things happen to all of us, but I have decided to recover 'fun' and 'good things' - to lose this overcoat of weight and pain in the form of fat, and make better choices.

Some days ,I know,it can feel very hard to muster the inkling to do it - but I read somewhere once that :
'a good painter has talent alone, but a great painter simply paints every day.

The sum total of what I have and see around me are a result of conscious or unconscious choices. Maybe I didn't even realize I had a choice .

But I do now.

So, I aim to log in here and share my day regarding exercise, food diary and how I actively looked for the good , the beauty or the fun in my day.

An attitude of gratitude for my life and the ability to live it.

And on my way - lose 4 stone.

I'd love to get one of those weight-o - metre things but I don't know where or how to put it on my profile - if anyone could advise...?

I plan to stick to lo - GI with the inclusion at some point in the day of some raw fruits and veggies, in addition to regular cooked veggies.

My eating plan is to eat breakfasts like :

  • raw fruit with yog

  • porridge

  • boiled egg and one toast

  • banana strawberry smoothie

  • grilled bacon and tomato with a toast ( once a week)


  • raw salad with sweet potato or baked potato, low fat chilli dressing

  • omelette and raw salad

  • tuna/chicken wh/meal sandwich -lo fat mayo

  • three bean salad


  • skinny latte medium

  • 2 apples

  • 1 apple and a small slice of lite cheddar

  • a small handful of nuts

  • st dalfour three bean salad


  • tandoori chicken thighs x 2,small bowl of rice with lentil & veg dhal(cooked with olive oil not ghee)
  • homemade chicken and veg soup and lo fat houmous and grated carrot sandwich(wh/meal)
  • chicken or turkey breast, sweet potato, carrot and turnip mash, steamed green beans or broccoli
  • fresh ginger and lo-salt soy sauce chicken , noodles and veg stir fry
  • brown rice and veg chilli
  • cottage pie with sweet potato /turnip mash and green beans or garden peas

I'm trying to stick to lo GI foods, my mood is better I notice when I keep blood sugar peaceful rather than crazy high or low.

I have shared it with you all so I can be accountable.

One day at a time - that is all I can focus on.

Water too, 2 litres a day.

I have said a lot , hope it's not too long - I just wanted to set out my stall and make a start.

I'd love to join in with you all and do it together.

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HI there.....wishing you all the success on your weigh loss!! SOunds like you have given it a lot of thught and I hopeit works well for you.

I thought I would mention that all of us in this part of the forum are doing Lighter Life, where we abstain frm conventional food, we don;t eat any food at all, so we don;t discuss what we eat here, as it can lead to a lot of temptation for many. :) I understnad disclosing it for accountibility, etc., but its best if you want to do that, to put that part of your plan in another part of the forum.

Of course you are more then welcome here for support - we are all into that!!! But reading about foods is tough so maybe that part could be posted inanother section. Its just kind of an unspoken rule and mutual understanding we all have. I hope that makes sense!!

Good luck to you!! :)
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Good Luck - i am seeing that people on here are very friendly and supportive ;)


Paleo maintenance rocks!
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Hi bondgirl! Well done on the weight you have already lost so far, that's amazing! And well done on your positive attitude, it sounds like you are in the right frame of mind to lose even more. :)

This forum is full of like-minded people who all try to eat low GI or low GL so you are most welcome. :)

Your food lists look really good, I personally find it great to plan ahead and it makes it easier for me to stick with things.

The one tiny suggestion I would make would be to ensure that you have some protein with your carbs at each meal/snack (most of yours already do! which is great), this will lower the overall GI of the meal and balance things out nicely. So for example with your porridge or apple snacks you could have a few nuts or seeds. Also most people will advise to keep an eye on the size of your carb portions, even if they are low GI, because a large portion will still give your body a lot of carbs to metabolise.

Good luck and please do post here if you would like to, you'll see many of us post food diaries or just general chat, and everyone tries to be very helpful. :)
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Hi Bondgirl and welcome to the GI section of the forums. It's great that you'll be doing low GI foods. It's a really great way to lose weight and it's something that will totally change the way you see food :)

Your food sounds really good, looks like you're on a good path and know what you're doing. If you have any questions feel free to ask:)

I look forward to reading your updates.
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Hey Bondgirl. Fantastic weight loss so far, well done. I'm sure you'll enjoy doing GI.

You've taught me something new - on your plan you had St Dalfour bean salad. I had no idea that St Dalfour did savoury French Gourmet meals, I thought it was just jams and spreads. Thank you for letting me into the secret. :D