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is eating to much fruit bad for weight loss



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Fruit and Me dont go at all. I nearly always gain when I up my fruit intake. I dont overdue it either (1 or 2 pieces a day) and try and have variety. Its not logical and I am sure I am the only one as everyone will tell you that fruit is good for you but for me it has to be occasional.

I feel better when I have more fruit but the scales hate it so I have the occasional banana now and then at most.

I think I am just weird :(
Not unless you have some sort of intolerance! I'm a bit of a believer that SW wouldn't make it a free food otherwise.
I eat lots and lots of fruit, sometimes 5 or more pieces a day. On an average day I'll have 2 bananas, an apple, tons of satsumas and whatever else I have to had. I love it!
I always think it is better if you are grabbing for fruit than something that is syns, it is a free food after all. If you are hungry and it helps keep you going to meal time, it is far better for you to grab some fruit. You just have to be careful not to eat it just for the sake of it (like any food really) when you are not really that hungry.

I tend to vary what fruit I have each day. Eating the same fruit each and every day can have the same outcome as eating the same meal each and every day I think.
I think it all depends on what fruit it is, Banana's and Grapes are the highest in sugar and therefore can be bad for your diet, me personally eat oranges because they help me go the loo lol But apples and Pears and citrus fruits are good as are melons :)
jaylou i think its because they are high in natural sugars so if you ate to many bananas it may make you gain weight
I'm sorry but that's just not true. Eating bananas will not make you gain weight. I think (intolerances aside) that people are quick to blame the humble banana for a weight gain and not look at the other little bits and bobs which are really making them gain weight.

I hear this so many times at group and it's just a cop out most of the time for them forgetting the extra bits!

Why on earth would SW not restrict bananas and grapes if they make you gain weight!!!


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YES! Even though fruit is not high in calories it IS VERY HIGH IN SUGAR.
Look at your countries national food guide and see what they say.
In Canada our food guied says to eat up to five fruits and vegetables a day. That means a combination of the two, not all of just one. Eating too much fruit CAN lead to weight gain or maintaining the same weight, so def. watch your fruit intake. Keep it down to what would be considered 2 or 3 servings of fruit per day. Hope this helps.:)


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Yup too many fruits high in sugar could slow your losses down, but you'd need to eat a lot, Bananas are known for slowing down metabolism so go easy on them! Lol xx
Healthy Eating guidelines ay at least 5 portions of fruit and veg and that it should ideally be more veg than fruit.
I eat much more veg than fruit because I find that the sugar in any fruit makes me more hungry.
ALL fruit contains natural sugars, and fruit has many more calories than veg. It probably works for a lot of people eating piles of fruit, but I'd rather snack on hard boiled eggs. Then again some people eat lots of yogurts in a day so I really think that it should be everything in moderation, including fruit.


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I find if I eat a lot f grapes and bananas I don't lose as much or even stay the same.
Seems I am ok with other fruit but I don't eat too much nowadays.
My second and third weeks of SW, I stuck to the plan 100% but I ate 2 bananas a day plus a huge bunch of grapes and I STS both weeks.
There is one lady who comes to class who normally loses but when she has a small gain or stays the same maintains she ate a lot of fruit.
thanks everyone for you replys i just thought id bring it up as when i was doing ww we had to point it bananas being the highest and as some of you have said its everything in moderation i did have a good weight loss last week but didnt each as much fruit as i have in the last few days as i was craving sweet stuff or just something in my mouth to stop me wanting a ciggie so gonna cut it back for the rest of the week and up the veges instead


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If you look at the bigger picture beyond SW if you consume more calories than you body uses, you will gain weight.Eating 300 to 500 calories more than you need per day would lead to a gain of between one and two pounds per week. Fruit is low in calories. Even the bad press grapes have only 67 calories per 100 gms and a medium size banana has around 90 calories compared to say a mere ounce of cheddar which has 120 calories. ( 100 gms of cheeses equates to 420 calories, much easier to consume than 600gms of grapes )
I know that bananas will not help me lose weight, whatever others say. They are 90 calories a piece. That is the same as a 2 fingered kit kat. I'd soon put on wiehgt eating lots of those too. The week I ate 3 punnets of grapes was not a good week weight wise either. Think it may depend where you have come from. If you previously reached for crisps and chocs then bananas and grapes are an improvement I spose. But i ahve never really done this so to snack on high cal fruit is a shock to the system too.



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Bananas and kitkats might be similar calories (KitKats are 106 calories actually) but bananas fill you up more, contain NATURAL sugar rather than artificial sugar and are virtually fat free.

Oh yeah, and SYN free!

i know which I'd rather have...
I eat more veg than fruit and have good losses. I get really bored with fruit, I stick to the same ones because the others don't interest me at all.

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