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Is it even POSSIBLE??!!

Ok, here's the deal:

I'm 19 stone (OMG!) and want to be 10 stone (this will make me look a-maz-ing cos I am quite tall) BUT ...

I am poor (single parent on benefits) so can NOT do Cambridge or LL or any of those type of diets.

Here comes my question:

Can I lose 9 stone on JUST eating properly and exersize or is it only LL etc will be able to shift so much weight? :confused:

Also, how long shall I give myself as a reachable goal - I don't work well to no goal, and also (again) I have polycystic ovaries (PCOS) and have been led to believe that ANY weightloss is so much harder due to the sodding condition (I am not liking my condition!:sigh:)

So, yeh, sorry for the waffling - can I lose the best part of 10 stone with a "conventional" diet ?
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oh thank god for that!!

I am going to do a 6 week intensive diet/excersise thing soon (my mum is paying - it is LOTS of money!) to "jumpstart" me into healthy eating for life (they have nutritionists, personal trainers and councellors to guide you)

I WILL DO IT!!! It may take the best part of a year but it WILL get done ... I think I will set myself a year goal from my start date (need to have consultations and book in etc... may be a few weeks til I start properly but am "behaving" in the mean time!)

Thanks Starlight, that is JUST what I needed to hear! :D


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Hi GottaStartSomewhere,

Best of luck on your weight loss journey!

Be sure to take some photos now of yourself to have as a record and do your body measurements as well.

Your lucky to have the support from your Mum behind you as well as we all need as much support as we can gather around us.

Be sure to let us know how your getting on.

Love Mini xxx
well, now i've found this site, you won't be getting rid of me!! I will take a pic of myself but I have major image-issues so you may not see it til I have a "and getting there" comparrison...!

Measurements are a good idea too ... will do that (altho the PT may do it anyway)

Thanks for all the support already ... this site is fabulous


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)
I guess their are not too many of us like having our photos taken when we are not happy with our weight.:cry:

But time and again I see those who have done well regret that they did not do their photos before so that they could compare their before and after photos.

It is good to do some of the side, back and front.

Sometimes when your losing weight it is difficult to see the losses looking at yourself in the mirror, but when you put your new photos side by side with the old photos you can really see the difference.

I think it takes the brain time to catch up.

When I measure myself I do from the neck, bust, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves and ankles...and not forgetting the upper arms...I even do my wrists:p

Good to have a record of them for yourself.

Love Mini xxx


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hi Gottastartsomewhere,

Another vote for doing it the "food way". I lost over 11.5 stone eating healthily.

I wish you much luck and definite weigh yourself, get before pictures taken, and measure every part of your body imaginable. You'll be glad one week, when you've lost no weight perhaps, to discover that you've lost an inch here or there.

I also advise planning your meals in advance. I usually work out a week's meals at a time, before I go to the shops. Not only is shopping made much easier, but then I'm not tempted to buy "other" things but those I need for my diet.

Re your other questions. How long will it take to lose 9 stone? Obviously a lot will depend on how well you stick to your plan, and how many circuitous detours you take, but I'd conservatively suggest looking at the long-term, rather than short. I broke my target up into manageable 7lb portions and treated myself (NOT food) each portion reached (new top, hair do or something). We didn't put this weight on overnight and can't expect it to come off overnight either. It took me four months shy of two years, but the benefits were felt almost immediately. Even though I was still big by "normal" standards, I felt so much better even at your weight because by then I'd lost 3 stone so was already feeling better in myself.

Re PCOS - it's true that people with PCOS sometimes find things slightly slower, but the good thing is that you might even find that your condition improves as your weight reduces. I do hope so.

Good luck!


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Hi Ya Gottatostartsomewhere

Well done on taking the hardest step to loosing weight ~ admiting to yourself that you need to act and NOW

Which ever diet you do there is no easy route and even though the weight losses are very good on LL or CD its still not easy

Can I offer a bit of advise from a fat 50 year old who has been slimming all her life ~ dont use PCOS or having no money as an excuse. There are very very few reasons why we cant loose weight. I have used my Rhuematoid arthritis for years as an excuse ie that I cant move around as good and the pain Blah Blah Blah when in reality I just got bigger and bigger each year.

Visit this site as often as you can and remember to check out the amazing before and after photos and just get on with it which ever way you can !!!

I wish you all the success in the world on your journey to slimland. I know you can do this

Good Luck

Luv Luv
thanks everyone - really appreciate it...

my weight ballooned when I got into an abusive relationship (which then got worse as I got pregnant and had my son) - so did my weight... I was a recluse and only went out to go to the shops for junk food - I have major esteem and image issues coming from that time and this is what has landed me at 19 stone (I was heavier but dont know how heavy I was at my worst)

I have only just found out that I have PCOS and that is what has spurred me on to lose the weight - also my son is starting school and I refuse to be the "fat mum" at the gate (well... for too long)!
I always plan what I will eat to ensure sticking to my budget and ingredients list! It makes life so much easier doesn't it?

I will do pics of me now, and take measurements - even if I don't acutally print them off or even look at them (!) but I realise how helpful it can be.

Just gotta get on with it now - mum is booking the consultation but the woman has no programme spaces til the beginning of September although that isn't far away anyway

Woohoo - slimland here I come... and a poke in the eye for my ex (who said I'll always be fat, ugly and single - little does he know!!)


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Woohoo - slimland here I come... and a poke in the eye for my ex (who said I'll always be fat, ugly and single - little does he know!!)

That comment alone would spur me on to do it!! Men!!!! :whoopass:
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Good for you for doing something. Let us know how you get on - a diet diary is a good way of showing yourself how far you've come .... and is for you - although us nosey lot will read it too!!

I've just been to see a hypnotherapist - and have sorted out some of my major issues via 3 sessions with him ... well at least I hope I have! Definately feeling more on track since seeing him and the lightest I've been this year.
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Lol Gotta... you can do it, I'm certain! Setting yourself a year is a great idea - I did the same although thankfully I could do Cambridge... WW is an ace way too, my mum lost over 5 stone with them.. best of luck and keep us posted! Photos each month and measurements too... keep a really good record and you can look back and literally see the change before your eyes :D
Good luck and go for it!!!!! I have to say though - when assessing the cost etc I reckon that by the time you take your food shop out of it plus the odd bits you buy (petrol station, takeaway) it works out the same as buying CD!


Me as I want to look xxx
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To be honest I think we all know HOW to lose weight, but we need to find the right time! Also the right diet that suits for that time otherwise we would not be here. We really want to lose weight to look good. On the plus side we are PERFECT inside lol.

Gottastart somewhere, here is the best place, forget family remarks etc we are all here for each other ALWAYS and support each other all the time, it keeps me coming back1 :)

Love Merlin X
well, first all I must apologise for going AWOL!! the school holidays have been a nightmare and then my son started school

Anyway, the update is: my mum and me are booked in to start with the personal trainer / nutritionist when mum comes back off holiday (begining of October) ...the course lasts 6 weeks and mum is already talking of paying for a further 6 week course for me. The woman rekons this will be good to train my brain / body / me in the "right" way to live (the woman herself has gone from a size 18 to 8, has NO excess skin and not had surgery!!) so it can be done.

Hopefully by christmas, I'll have lost a fair bit and can finally be in some seasonal photos with my son (usually I am behind the camera!)

I can't wait to finally do it to be honest - this really will turn my life round that last few steps it needs to be "proper" (IE getting on with it instead of being stuck in the depression I'm in now)

Sorry this post is long! I won't go AWOL again lol


Taking Back Control...!!!
Good luck with your weight loss.... just one thing about the PCOS..... if you read up on this they recommend a low carb style eating plan.... something to do with insulin/sugar levels - sorry not very technical I'm afraid..... I too suffer with PCOS and found when I did LL/CD that many of my symptoms were reversed - especially the hairy chinny chin chin.....lol!!!

Like everyone else says take pictures and record measurements - even like Mini said your wrists - I found my watch which had been tight was sooooo loose after loosing a few stones.....

Hope this helps....
Thanks Mich, I have looked into (and discussed with the nutritionist) about the low carb thing - she thinks this is the way to go for EVERYone so will benefit anyway. I am also going to look into the glycemic side of it too I tihnk - some good books out there from profs in nutrition (well, one i know of) who work with PCOS and other womens issues too..

I will definitely measure myself - the woman does it for her records (to encourage newcomers...) but will be good to see myself cos i have a feeling that my eyes will still SEE fat even when I have lost some / lots... or am I just being weird!
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hey girl!!!good luck. im on cd which i love. i think u must have loads of willpower to do a diet with food. if i cud eat food on cd i wud have well give in by now!so well done for making the decision!ur in the right place u seem so focused!so go girlfriend

we here if u need us xxxxxx

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