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Is it hard?


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I am hoping to join SW next Monday after being on CD/LL on and off.

I have been reading some threads and i get the impression that SW seems quite technical and hard to figure out.

I'd like to think i can work myself round a puzzle or 2 - but is slimming world likely to drive me potty cos it sounds tricky?

Sorry of its a dumb question. :rolleyes:
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Nope. If you read your book (or ask us) then there's nothing to figure out.

All food is either;
free (unlimited)
a weighed amount (Healthy Extra a or b)
or 'synned' (has points - you can have 5 to 15 per day)



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I don't think that SW is tricky at all, and it is the easiest, and most flexible "diet" that I have ever done, and I must have done the majority of them since my teens.
The SW website gives a lot of information and so does this site.
Really, if anything, it's so easy that it's hard to believe that it works!
No powders or shakes, no bought "special meals", no counting points or calories, no weighing. The only counting or weighing need be done is for syns and Healthy Extras.
You eat plenty of good and healthy food, never go hungry and can still have treats such as chocolates, crisps and alcohol.
AND, while doing all this you learn how to treat the plan as a healthy eating plan for life. It is not a fad diet and is easily maintained.
AND, you lose weight... while eating so well.
What more can one ask?


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Like learning any new skill there's a bedding in period while you find you way around and get to know what you're doing. Then with practice it becomes second nature and you don't have to keep consulting the books or double checking to make sure you're doing it right. This is true of any diet plan you chose to follow. But your consultant and classmates will see you right and you have the bonus of this fabulous resource where, if you don't know the answer to something, you can be sure someone else will.

Good luck and feel free to ask anything you fancy. There's no such thing as a stupid question.
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It took me a couple of days of reading and re-reading the books to get my head around it, but I honestly think this is the easiest eating plan I have ever done!

As long as you know what is free and how much of your healthy extras you can have, it's a cinch! Just fill up on the free foods and keep track of your syns.

Good luck!
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At first if im being honest it really wrecked my head! but once i got my head round it its great! barely ever hungry........madness! x


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After a few weeks you will get used to it! Keeping track of HE's and syns can be tricky so invest in a wee notepad to keep track, or use the food diary sheets that you get with your SW pack - it will definitely help. The books and magazines they sell at class are really helpful too so make sure to buy some :D The only real difficulty I had at first was figuring out all the different plans, try to stick to one for a month or so then try mixing them around once you're comfy with it all :D


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It doesn't take long to get your head around it. It's simple once youget used to it. If you compare it to something like weight watchers where virtually all food is pointed, then it's simple! Xx

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I have to agree with the others...like all diets there's the first initial getting used to it all again bit, but once you have the basics your'e laughing.
Have a look at the food diary section here to get an idea of the things that we are able to eat as well as the recipes, I think you will be surprised!!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.



S: 19st3lb C: 18st1.5lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 1st1.5lb(5.76%)
I've been doing the diet since Wednesday and at the minute just doing the red and green days, but so far so good, apart from a dilemma with an avacado its been fine.

I was reading this forum before joining and thought I will never get this, with the Hexa's and hexb's, but when you get the food optimising book and the food diary, you will be surprised at how quickly the basics will click.

So far so good for me and i'm sure you will be fine, don't worry :D if you get stuck theres loads of helpful folk on here willing to assist.
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Sw is a doddle!! If you can do CD?LL you'l have no problem..
Like anything new, once youv got your head around it, you'l see just how easy it is.

You'l do fab on sw, its so rewarding and you can EAT :D LOL xxx
S: 11st2.5lb C: 11st2.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 26 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I haven't found it difficult to get my head around, I have been mostly doing extra easy and it is as the name suggests - easy! Good Luck x


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I found it a bit difficult in the first week or two, but I soon got into the diet and now it is second nature and I don't have to think about it all - so my advice would be to perservere with it for a couple of weeks and you certainly won't regret it.


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I'm just starting my second week and have found SW really easy. I basically get to eat what I want! Once you've read through the book(and read thorugh everyones diaries on here) you'll be fine :)

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I'm sure you'll enjoy all the free food we can eat with Slimming World, and you'll get to grips with the healthy extras, syns as it really is explained pretty well at your new start talk at group, and the books you get when you join up gives you lots of information too!

With the help you'll get from your Consultant, other group members, people on this forum, info on the SW website, the magazines and books you can buy (or even just take a look at) within your group sessions you'll shift those pounds!

Good luck to you!
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I joined first over a year ago and I never got my head round it TBH but I didnt really try either, this time I am doing extra easy and it is brilliant!

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