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Is it worth it?


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya Chick!!!

Its definatly worth it!!!

Hang in there, once you hit ketosis (in the next few days you will)

You get the best energy buzz, and your no longer hungry! and the weigh ins are a great boost aswell!!

You can do it!! find the determination and will power that made you want to start LT in the first place and it will get you through xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Heather

It can be like hell on earth sometimes, but boy it is worth it!! It isnt something that you will do for ever and ever; just keep remembering that!

You obviously have thought about LT before starting and no one ever said it would be easy, but the rewards are next to none.

Yes the first 3-4 days are tough, but trust me there are times even after you get into ketosis that you will still struggle...it is just part of LT.But, at least if you are aware of this.

It is the best diet ever and I just feel as though I am having a little food holiday and enjoying it. I am still cooking and I even grow my own organic fruit and veg and been harvesting for weeks and weeks and still not eaten anything I have cooked! If you are committed then you will do it.

Just keep remember WHY you are doing this. It isnt just a quick fix; it is a time to ask why you have got to where you are and use this time so wisely and you wont fail.

Keep drinking your water and keep being positive. No point being negative as you wont get past the first week if your mindset is not right.

You will always get support on here and honesty. So, keep jumping on Heather and welcome to the forum. Look forward to you being part and looking forward to your first WI..you wont be disappointed.

Have a great week and you will get through it!
It's absolutely woprth it! I've lost 5 and a half stone since March - the way i look at this, it's a few months out of my life and that is a very VERY small price to pay to spend the rest of my life slim and healthier and with so many health risks lessened.

I'm lucky in that i have suffered very very little and actually *whispers* have mainly found it pretty easy. The weight loss is motivation enough to keep me away from picking.

The results you can get if you have the dedication are phenomenal :) good luck!
Best diet going the results make it so worthwhile its untrue
Hi heather i was drinking up to a bottle of wine a night, some times more and i thought enough is enough, so went on l/t and didnt have a drink for 8 weeks. Dont forget you will be wanting carbs and wine at the same time, not that you have a drink prob but because your body is used to it. You can do it i have gone from a size 16 to a size 10.12 in no time and it was worth every min, im now on refeed but really miss my shakes sad i no lol. Good luck on your journey you can do it xxxx


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Hi Heather like everyone says its sooo worth it. You wont feel like this forever. It's a great diet if you can just get past the start. You will love watching the lbs disappear. Hang in there and just log on here the advice is the very best and the people on here are so supportive. Hope you pick up soon :)


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Worth it??????? I wish I had been able to do this 15 years ago, my life would have been totally different. It may be hard at times, and you have to want it really bad but the feeling when the weight is dropping off is FANTASTIC!
Thanks to all support so far...

Hello Lipotrimmers, I'm at the end of my 4th day now, the first Sat night I can remember, sober and hungry! Will I get more energy? I've still been feeling like half my brain's been shut down. I've been putting chile flakes in my chicken soup. Is that out of order?


Positivity is the key
Hi Heather,
glad you are still with it and congrats on the sober Sat night. Some do get great energy on this diet, remember you are still in the first week. People put chilli in the soup and still have losses, so jury is out on that one, I don't have the soup so can't comment.
I hope today goes well for you, more than half way through and that magic weigh in is waiting for you, keep focussed on that, drink the water, take it easy this week and all will be well.
Best of luck.

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