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Is it worth it?

Really struggling tonight after weigh in been 100% for five weeks. Survived going away to friends,navigated myself around shops with food whilst having time in
London and broke out in a sweat at the gym spool....... why have I only lost 4lbs over last two weeks. I am sitting here wondering is it worth it when I could loose similar on other diets eating food rather than dreaming it!
Welcome any pearls of wisdom please
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Heffalump I'm sorry I have no pearls of wisdom but read your post and didn't just want to read and run. What a major achievement sticking to the plan for 5 weeks. That shows huge commitment and says that you are determined to meet your goals and that you want this to work for you. I hope it provides the reward that you truly deserve. It is an extreme diet, by the sounds of it, and only you can really know if it is something you can commit to for the duration of your weight loss. But if you decide it isn't then please don't see this as failing. Each step is a step nearer and it is a learning process and controlling our weight is something that is going to be a life long issue not just a few months. You will find your niche and what suites you. Being willing to address the issue and question is progress and success. Keep the faith and believe in you and your ability to make those necessary changes. I wish you the best of luck. xxx
Thank you your response is really helpful and supportive . It's a new day fresh start and I am sticking with it so breakfast shake here I come!!
It does highlight how complicated our bodies are and that for some ( my own) there is no regular pattern of weight loss just have to have determination and will power and stick with it. Fingers crossed next weigh in will show a different figure ,


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I'd maybe keep to it a few more weeks and see what happened..... I always thought that if i was losing only a little i would go back to food!!! But the sad fact it at the mo (For me) i don't feel like i can be trusted with food just yet!!! That sounds pathetic doesn't it!!! But the shakes stop me eating bad and also having a drink!!! So aids my weight loss!!!

4lb is 4lb!!! Its in the right direction and thats all that matters!!! If you decide to eat.... u havent failed.... 5 weeks is an eternity on this diet lol.... pat yourself on the back and do what you know is right for you hun!!!! : ) xxxx


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No words of wisdom but I do understand what your saying about that you could of lost it eating food. But think about it, for me I can lose 2lb a week on sw but can you remember the weeks of weigh in when you've been sooooo good an all you've lost is a 1 lb? At this moment in time you could of been on any other diet and maintained, this you will never know for sure. Just stick with it you are doing well to keep losing x


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you are probably just having an off day and felt a bit down...look at how well youve done overall in just 5 weeks and consider if you would lose that amount doing an 'ordinary' weightloss diet?

ultimately its up to you but id say youve stuck 5 weeks, not deviated and have shown yourself you can do it.

good luck

h x
Thank you everyone really appreciated your helpful supportive words. It really have helped and you are right - going to stick with it and keep going and fingers crossed next week weigh in is more positive. To help have measured my body to see if my shape changes at least .
Fingers crossed and best of luck with all of your continued weight loss.
I do feel more positive and focused today .

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