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Is it worth the price ?


Probably obvious answers, but now that CD is going up in price again, and you will probably be paying between £30-£40 per week (SS+ would be almost $40 per week), my question is in your opinion is the diet worth the cost ? I mean, I'm not trying to say it isn't worth it because I know the diet does fantastic things if you stick to it. But with everything in life going up in price, and money being tighter than ever for everyone, I was wondering if you thought the diet was worth paying that much. I know Im rambling but just trying to get some opinions as I am unemployed and want to start back.
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The most straightforward answer, I think, is yes, it's absolutely worth it - but only IF you're determined to stick to it 100%.

If you're in any doubt that you can do that, then no, it probably isn't worth it, and you'd be better off doing something like SW or WW. I'm not meaning to sound harsh - far from it. But if you're going to buy shakes and still end up eating... Well, you've already done the maths. :)

How about committing yourself to doing it for a fortnight - then seeing how you feel?


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Hi Paul, You make some very interesting points. How about doing Calorie Counting where you can choose what foods you will eat and at the end of the day coming to terms with a proper eating programme and learning to cope with healthy eating is the most important thing. There are alsorts of cheap ways to make a meal and still lose weight and keep the budget on a comfortable level especially with these days of most people being strapped for cash.
All the best in whatever you choose to do...:)
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Yeah I'm £42 a week and thats just 3 shakes a day, if i have bars or anything it shoots up further. But it has been worth it, I have struggled because it only leaves me with about £20 disposable income a month, maximum!! But I am glad I did it as I needed something this extreme, and regular meetings with my CDC else I wouldn't have stuck to it!


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I think it is. If you did the Atkins you would be spending a similar amount as meat is so expensive. I've saved money not buying things daily & my SO has noticed the shopping is a lot less. It probably breaks even or £10 extra a week at most. But like Lily said, only if you are going to stick to it 100%.


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My weekly outlay for 14 soups, 9 shakes and 5 tetras is £54.20 and worth every penny in my opinion!
I'm not sure how much I usually spend on food as I shop for 2 of us and tend shop quite randomly if I decide that I fancy something for dinner that night! And of course, even though I may only pop to the shops for milk, I inevitably end buying a whole lot more! My cupboards, fridge and freezer are NEVER empty! I love food shopping! Lol

So let's say, just for me I spend £30 on food per week.....then there's the usual £5 weekly fee of a slimming club that I'm more often than not attending rofl!!!!

Yes I think I can more than justify what I am paying to actually lose weight!


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I feel the same.

What I would normally spend a week on food (including lunches at work) and the monthly fee of a slimming club is roughly the same as I would spend on my 4 shakes a day.

However it's a good job when I do go down to 3 or 2 shakes that Aldi is a great place to buy cheap veg and meat (their free range chicken is incredibly cheap)

Good luck.
My CDC charges £2.00 a piece for each item (excl water flav and mousse) so I am £42 per week £168 a month. If you were to take £20 off of that for sw or ww you'd be left with £148 over 4 weeks for food which ain't really a lot so I definitely think it's value for money x

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I have saved so much money on food and I am not throwing food away that I don't eat. Plus I am not in the supermarket much except for toiletries and cleaning products. When I food shop I buy so much other rubbish I don't need. Also if on a binge I spend so much money on crap. Another money saving factor is no alcohol not that I drank every week but it is a saver. J x


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my health is priceless , if i dont loose the weight im going to find every penny i can to pay for this diet

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