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Is rapid weight loss sustainable longterm?

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hi all,
i dont know about any1 else but am worried about the way pple say rapid weight loss is not longterm even if u change ur eating habit. i personally dont think its true but am finding SS a chalenge as it is and cant stop asking my self why would some1 loose the weight then after a while come back to loose more than they initially lost because they put it all back on plus more? is there more to it than purely going back to bad habbits? or is perhaps easy come easy go?

btw we are all united against the F word (fat) all i want is to hear what pple think as it is a constant worry.
many thanks
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hey salchichi
i understand your concerns... i am about to start CD this week on saturday (couldnt see my counsellor till then). Im ashamed to say ive always kind if frowned on VLCD, thinking you would pile all the weight backon etc or that it was unhealthy. But really i now know that was just the fear of actually doing one, and TBH, i envy all those who have done them. I also appreciate that in ANY diet the weight often goes back on, that is proven by research. at the end of the day any diet works on you taking less calories at that time, so your body starts burning fat so it is always in some way a bit of deprivation...whether this be slow or quick. then all maintenance programmed on any diet involve you eating more food as you dont need to 'lose' anymore'. i know its hard as i am already worried about the negative thoughts others may give me about CD but we can do it! good luck! x
S: 13st5lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks jim,
but its complicated and tbh i dont know what to do unlike other strong characters on this forum i think am probably built very weak and wount have the energy motivation and drive that i need if i become a restarter in future.


please try again
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hun dont think about having to restart, follow the program to the letter and you will get to goal

im a restarter and havnt found it harder the second time, its frame of mind hun ( had to stop for medical reasons way before a hint of goal )


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I always feel that i will have paid a rather large amount to get slim that im not going to go out and eat rubbish and become 'the Fword' (he he) again. The CDC's help with maintaining aswell.


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Hi salchichi

I am one of the people that have got to goal and then put the weight back on again. I have done this on both VCLD's and conventional diets. This is because I have refused to eat healthily when I have come off the diets.
I am convinced that we hold the key as to whether we maintain at the end of a diet or not - there are plenty of articles about people in the Lighterlife magazines that have maintained very successfully.
But as summayah says, firstly lose the weight - just imagine how great you will feel- and then find the strategies to keep the weight off, perhaps regular exercise, family and friends support, continue to weigh-in with counsellor on a regular basis, join a 'traditional' slimming group if a bit of weight goes back on.
I certainly need to find a way of not having to spend the rest of my life doing diets, and I am very positive about this hopefully being the last time!
i agree blingbabe... my plan has been to go to WW or something when have reached goal or as near as poss with CD just for maintenance in my own mind really. so i know that having food is not a free for all!!!


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i will not be joining a slimming club post-CD. CD is and always will be a fond tool that was "once" used to get to goal (not there just yet), but i'm changing my lifestyle along with the way i see food.

I know i can "indulge" (i hate the idea of food being a treat), but that it will have a concequence on the scales and will require healthy eating following this. Its not rocket science...i see skinny/slim people go on a big blow out at weddings/christmas etc, to then just go back to healthy eating afterwards rather than blowing on a 2 weeks binge just "becuase"....so i will be adopting that!

The wedding last weekend for example....had a super time, put on 1lb on sat....had a great night but it cost me on the scales! Such is life becuase that, my lovely people, is what they call "normal" apparently! lol
Its a whole wide world out there....and mistakes WILL be made....but learning from them will make them SO worth while and i plan to embrace those and keep moving forward with ead held high!

I WILL not be a "restarter"....I WILL be slim....my body shape suits me now and although my skin no longer fits, i fully intend to keep that until a surgeon can deal with it rather than going to fill it again!

I dont doubt there will be the occassional binge/starvation mode experienced...it's hard not to go through that at a guess....but i am determined now...more than ever before!



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