Is 'starvation Mode' same as 'Ketosis'...&bejeweled advice kate??


IS starvation mode the same as Ketosis...burning lean muscle or fat?

Hi guys

Well as during my browse on weight loss resources I fell upon a number of articles that seem to 'poo-poo' VLCD..basically anything below 100cal due to the messing with our metabolism and the loss of lean muscle and the rate at which fat will go back....

I must admit when i embarked upon VLCD I was SO desperate to lose weight Id have done anything and i guess i did without researching the science bit....

Dont get me wrong finding this plan has been a life changing experience but now as i approach target (after many restarts and a couple of shock gains i may add) I need to be clear about what IS going on inside my body and WHAT I can expect when i eat again...preferably using the LL management.....

I would like to know if the starvation mode the articles speak of is the same state as Ketosis...they dont mention Ketosis at all.......

I hope these links work....

Dieting and Metabolism
Weight Loss Resources - Fad Free Tools for Healthy Weight Loss this is link to general site...have a browse...

Hoping someone with scientific sense can get back to me and put my mind at ease about this metabolism&starvation mode debate!!


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Hi there!

No, they're not the same thing at all. In starvation mode, your body will store fat and burn muscle. In ketosis, it will burn fat as the main source of fuel.

There's an article about Lighter Life on the same site:

Lighter Life Diet Report

Your body doesn't go into starvation mode on a VLCD like CD or LL because although your calorie intake is so low, you are getting all your body's required nutrients.


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Just wanted to add something to Kate's excellent post- some of the opinions on VLCDs are a little ill informed, as originally the protein content was not high enough and resulted in a huge loss of muscle mass. It's true that you can't actively build muscle whilst on a VLCD, but you don't lose muscle, no more than you would on a 'regular' diet.


thanks one breath im 'phewing' and in the next 'pooing'

:) Great im burning only fat
:confused: Not great i cant build muscle..Ive just started working out at gym...where does that leave me?

More question eh??? Dont know why Ive become so analytical of the science stuff all of a sudden...maybe its my new 'positive' approach....hope so!


Keep working out! You can still build up your strength and endurance, as well as strengthen your bones, reduce the risk of disease and injury, and generally feel happier and healthier. You'll also get into good habits and if you continue with those good habits when you're eating 'normally' you will build muscle then, even though you can't right now.


You should be taking any cardio exercise easy anyway, so yes, you will burn some calories, but the main benefit will be the improvements to your health and fitness. If you are exercising enough to affect your weight loss, then you need to exercise less or eat more.

Although you can't build muscle on a VLCD, as well as the benefits I listed above, you can maintain the muscle you've got. Studies have shown that resistance exercise on a VLCD = less muscle loss than when just following a VLCD without exercise.

You have to ask yourself why you are exercising. Remember that there's more to it than just losing weight. Live longer! Feel great! Lower your blood pressure and heart rate! Send your risk of heart disease and various cancers through the floor! Be able to run up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath!

See, you're asking the wrong person "is there any point?" :D


Hey Kate..I needed that remider about other benefits of exercise than weight loss!!

Hey i notice youre the bejeweled champion..any tips? Im guessing at how best to play as the instruction link doesnt work for can you get bonus point or gain more it possible or do you have other tactics for getting such a high score..are there more levels or just the same one???

Hugs and thanks for exercise info/advice

Kate just had a look at your belly chart..was intrigued..are you my neighbour...remember you from DH!!! Hugs hun.x


Yes, it is I, Leclerc!

Well, Solesourceress actually. No probs with the exercise advice - glad to help.

My top Bejeweled tip is to try to make horizontal lines instead of vertical ones, because that means more jewels will drop down in 3 columns rather than just 1 - this seems to increase the likelihood of getting a chain (when you think about it, that shouldn't be the case, but I do get higher scores that way than if I go for vertical lines). Other than that, the only trick is to work really really fast :)


hey soleS...i remember that name believe you live practically round the corner, Im in grimsargh. A couple of my LL colleagues came in your direction oi believe...small world eh?

Have you tried bejeweled2 on Games at Zylom


Thanks for to try even though im up at 6.45....done no reading up for school so will be an extra early one...arghhhhhhhhhh


Yup, I'm just in Preston and I inherited two of your LL chums!

I've just finished playing another game in the Arcade...I think the scoring system may be a bit wonky as I scored 151,802,000,000,000,000.