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Is SW online worth the money?

It seems really expensive! One of my friends let me log in and have a look round the site and I love the online diary and Syns online. Id love to get proper use of it but I dont go to classes.

Does anyone do the online option, what are your opinions?

I do wish they did a cheapy online membership which just allowed access to the diary/syns :(
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I switched from Body Optimise online to going to classes in May.

I thought the price was reasonable, however i didnt get the support i needed. I weighed up that you get online access to syns online by going to class and that was the feature i used the most so i decided to start going to class instead.

My losses have been better so in balance for me the cost of class is much better for me as its more effective than online.



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SW classes are structured differently to WW.

More sociable, they have tea and coffee at them and do draws for little prizes etc.

Love Mini xxx


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When I was a WW'er it was £9.95 per month to do the diet online - but, with SW it's £60 for first 3 months and I think £20 each month after that and unfortunately my finances don't run to that at this time, maybe if the initial first payment was not so big it would'nt be so bad......I live in a very quiet coastal village in Norfolk, and my nearest SW class is 25/30 miles away, so I am not able to attend a weekly class either.
I wouldnt mind paying £9.95 a month up front but Im really reluctant to spend £60 when Im not even sure what Im getting for it. Its a lot of money to spend on a diary and Syn calculator
To be honest - those are the main features! There is a body optimise tracker and it shows your progress every time you enter your BM details but do you really need this?

There are also 100's of recipes but to be fair, you only have to come on here and look in the recipe section to get pretty much the same info.

There are the obvious syn calculators and food diaries but again, you can do these manually.

I found that if i had a gain or STS upon entering my weekly weigh in details it gave you a page of text which helps 'support' you but as i said earlier, i didnt find this adequate.

I suppose if you live abroad or something then its useful.
I have done bodyOptimise for 18 months and like the facilities AND the pschological idea that I have paid for it so I am more likely to stick to it (otherwise I would be wasting my money).

I personally never liked classes and found I used to dread going, I also work away a lot so the website version is perfect for me, but I can see why some people would find it a waste of money for just a few useful features.

I personally see the money as an investment- if I had asked myself 18 months ago "If you could pay £200 and be 5 and a half stone lighter, would you do it" I would have jumped at the chance! It is less than I used to spend on chocolate, muffins and take-outs and I didn't mind paying for those!
It is less than I used to spend on chocolate, muffins and take-outs and I didn't mind paying for those!
Do you know and big light just went click in my head, I am not spending as much money!! and that is why because I am sticking to plan!!.....lol sorry for being so dopey! but I used to have too much month left at the end of the money if you know what I mean :D

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