Is there a doctor(or nurse) in the house?

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:cry: Had biopsies taken from my nether regions on wednesday,omg I am sore can hardly sit,there is one on either side too so hurts which ever way I turn.What is more weird its all gone black!must be the bruising.Seems to be tight stitches that are causing the problem and hard lumps behind.What can I put on to relieve the discomfort?would lanacane be ok?I have soaked in bath just warm water but didnt help...:cry:
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I'm not a dr but i would give nhs direct a call and talk to a nurse, at least then you no the advice you get is decent. I've had to call them a few times and they have always been really good! Hope you feel better ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))


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Aww hun, I don't know what to say to help but maybe try calling NHS direct just to get a bit of advice...
((hugs)) x


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Oh you poor thing. I agree with everyone else call nhs direct. You would have thought that they would have told you this was going to happen and give you something to take


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Ouch - you poor thing!! It's brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Like everyone has said it is best to get it checked out. Chances are they'll advise you to take paracetamol (that's what they've always given me for various bits and bobs I've had done)

Hope you're feeling better soon



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hello, i hope you dont mind me commenting on this.
i had nasty stitches after having my daughter in May. it was awful (worst than birth bit) so i really sympathise with you. mine also went black which was scary but is just bruising. i used arnica cream which i think helped. and also you can get freezer blocks shaped like ice pops that you freeze in the freezer then put in your knickers, i got them from mothercare, quite expensive if remember rightly - but SOOOO worth it.
Def try the arnica cream so speed up healing tho. i took arnica tabs too



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ps. put some bicarb of soda in the bath, will also help :)


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Please please please, dont use the lanacane. You really dont want to get that in your blood stream. A blow up ring helps too. I agree that an ice block or pack of peas to sit on will really help as well, it will keep the swelling down. Also, give NHS Direct a call if your really worried. Good luck


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I was told after getting stitches down there to drink loads of apple juice. Don't know if this helps lol x


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You can make freezer block things yourself by filling a washing up glove's fingers then freezing....

Might be wrong on this bit, but I'm sure after my baby stitches I used to sit in a bath with a few drops of witch hazel.

Poor you. Wincing at the thought of it.xxxx


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Hi hun I have had stitches after child birth 3 times and it was sore so I know how you feel. I am probably going to sound really stupid now because I cant remember the name of it but when I was in hospital after the stitches I couldnt even sit as it hurt too much I could only lie down. The midwife gave me some mousse. It was in a bottle and you squirt some on a pad in your nic nacks and it was such a relief it totally numbed the area and I could sit up then. Maybe ask your Dr if there is any of that the doctor may know the name of it. Sorry I am not really much help but I hope you feel better soon. xx

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BBs painful bits!

Thanks ladies for all the help you gave me,I am now on antibiotics and as many baths as I can get in a day to help disolve the stitches.I wasnt advised to take pain relief or anti inflams when I left hospital so now dosed to the eyeballs.Hope I can sit to eat my chrimbo lunch:8855:


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aww poor love i hope you feel better soon XXXXX


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ouch poor you, hope it eases up xxxx