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  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Think I must have lost my way. I'm looking for the coffee shop but I keep turning the corner into this room where no one ever says a word. So, I'm wondering ... is this the library?

    Thought I'd start the conversation .. by talking all about me, me me.

    When I started LL my first goals were:
    • Get through week one: ACHIEVED
    • Fit my current clothes more comfortably and not have to buy a larger size: ACHIEVED
    • Drop a clothes size: ACHIEVED (and some)
    • Be obese: ACHIEVED (lol, no longer morbidly obese)
    • Lose 3 stone: ACHIEVED (woo hoo)
    Longer term goals were:
    • Lose 4 stone: ACHIEVED (hoorah!!!!)
    • Get below 30 BMI: On my way
    • Lose 5 stone by Christmas: On my way (but have to get through three weeks of an overseas holiday in order to successfully achieve it)
    • Lose 8 stone: Well, I'm alot closer than I thought I would be to that one
    Of course I have other non-LL related goals too, like learning to dance, getting involved with more team activities, etc. etc. But the above the ones that have kept me going these past 9 weeks. I can't believe I'm on my 10th week already - almost want it to slow down so I can get to 5 stone while still in Foundation rather than once I enter Development in the second week of December.

    Feel free to talk about anything you want ... just party, talk, dance, jump up and down, whistle, show your bums and make this the welcoming place it was when I first started LL .... I almost feel afraid to come in here it is so quiet these days.

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  3. peanut

    peanut Full Member

    I think that coming on here is really going to help me! Look at how many goals you have achived!
    WOW you must feel AMAZING!
  4. mollyjak

    mollyjak Member

    Afternoon Dancing decided to join after lurking for weeks!!!!
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  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Hey Mollyjak. Excellent - it is nice to have company.

    Peanut, this site really helped me when I first joined. Have you looked at the inspiration slide show - I think I watched it everyday in the first week (but I do have ocd tendencies!). And, thanks. Yes, it is good to remind myself how much I have achieved. It is difficult to look at the big picture sometimes as I focus on the day to day (and I scale hop every day to keep focused).

    Good luck Peanut - what are you aiming to lose/clothing size, etc.?
  6. Zomble

    Zomble Full Member

    Hello Dancing (and others) - I agree it gets strangely quiet sometimes. Well done on your victories. I've got one too - I have achieved overweightness!!!

    What kind of dancing do you want to do? Secretly fancy salsa myself but haven't admitted it to anyone yet...
  7. peanut

    peanut Full Member

    Hey dancing.

    I think your right about the pages. I'll be on everyday next week as I know it will help!

    In my head id love to be a size 12 - as im tall. At the moment that seems like a long away goal. I think i'll set a goal once I have shifted the stone I put on since xmas last year. I was that size (18) for about 3 years after losing 2 st on WW. I have been convincing myself its not really there and im still the same even tho I have to shoehorn myself into my jeans! lol

    How did you chose your goal everyone?
  8. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    HI Zombie. Congratulations on being overweight. Looking forward to getting there myself one day.

    As for the dancing - any but, yes, Salsa and Samba, Rumba, Mambo.

    Peanut, when I first started I said my goal was to be a size 14. Because I was tall I knew I would never be a size 10 and couldn't really imagine being a 12 either. However, I now thing a 12 is obtainable but I will decide on my final weight and size once I get near there. I've put on my ticker that I will be 24.5 BMI because that leaves me 1/2 stone to put back on with glycogen once I finish losing weight. BUT, I might go lower depending on how I look and feel once I'm at that BMI.

    I chose 8 stone to lose as that puts me at 12stone when I finish (which for my height and build is healthy).

    I understand about you wanting to lose the stone you put on this last year (for me that was what my three stone target was ... I put that on in less than a year!!, having lost it in 6mths)
  9. Linze01

    Linze01 Full Member

    Yes, I've been lurking myself for the last ten weeks and am now trying to become more a part of things, so to speak. I had also noticed in my lurkery that things had gone awfully quiet, so your not the only one. I love reading your posts, Dancing, as they really cheer me up and you talk a lot of sense. So keep talking!
    P.S. Where is your picture you used to have at the bottom, the one about dancing like no-one is watching?
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  10. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    Good luck everyone! I hadn't even realised it had been quiet recently!
  11. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Been chattering away to yourself Frejja? lol

    Linze01 ... I decided to remove the image at the bottom of my signature when I added the image under my user name and the trippy text ... but I've been missing it too. .... just didn't want a huge long signature.
  12. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    Yes Dancing, I've been known to talk to myself lol!
  13. peanut

    peanut Full Member

    Morning Dancing & all.

    I had really weird food related dreams last night! my mind knows its in for change i think....

    I get your 3 stone in a year pain - my original weight gain was almost 5 stone in a year! I didnt realise what I was doing to myself! I got 2 stone off at WW and now have put a stone back on as I said. I know it sounds odd but i'll feel like im really getting somewhere when i have that stone off again - as it will be the first time I have gone under that weight since I was put it all on in the first place.

    Stupid question - how do I get myself a ticker ?
  14. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    hey peanut. All going well today! Click on someone else's ticker and it takes you to the website where you can make your own. It then gives you a code that you copy into your signature.

    Totally understand about the need to get under one stone loss before you feel like you are achieving.

    As for the food dreams, I had them for about 3 weeks I think. Kept dreaming I was eating. Don't have them now. I think I was just worried that I would forget that I wasn't supposed to be eating and end up putting something in mouth without thinking. I'm used to not doing that now so no more dreams about food.
  15. peanut

    peanut Full Member

    Great - i'll get myself a ticker tonight. thanks dancing.

    Have now got over excited and have 2 goals in mind...

    1. that stone that i dont belive is there!
    2. im meeting up with someone on Dec 13 and want to look better so im more confident

    So whichever ones come first I guess! Hopefully that stone.....

    That does worry me about the forgetting and eating. At work there are always sweets and i eat them without thinking. Maybe i'll wear a mask to work. lol
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