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Is this a side affect

I can't Sleep!!! since starting LT i just can't seem to be abe to switch my brain off, it's not the hunger that's stopping me sleeping... when i do eventually nod off, i wake up so many times, has anyone else had this problem?
Apart from that i feel Great.... why i have so much energy i don't know!
my house has never looked cleaner, i'm dashing about like a looney, not like me at all.:rolleyes:
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I to have trouble staying asleep too Budkin, awake nearly every couple of hours, its usually to pee, but find my mind races when i'm back in bed too..
So I guess its normal, while on LT
Well done on your weightloss..
Hiya Scarybrush
Sounds like it maybe related, kinda glad that i'm not alone, although i wouldn't want to wish this on anyone, it does'nt help that i worry about keeping my hubby awake, he says that i'm not, it's a long old night when you can't sleep, i would normally neck a few glasses of wine, but hay ho
Good to chat
Hiya scarybrush
Looks like it might be related to LT, glad to know that i'm not alone, although i would'nt wish it on anyone, i worry that i'm keeping my hubby awake, he says i'm not, it's a long old night when you can't sleep, i would normally neck a few glasses of wine , but hay ho
Wow 9lbs in week one, that's Fantastic keep it up
Take Care Sam
Hi you to its the ketosis thing that gives you energy some it affects in loss of sleep and some want to sleep more it should even out
i make the most of my energy as im moving house next week and been painting cleaning and laying carpets lol hope i still feel full of beans on the move day

good luck

debz x
Hi Debz, That makes sense, i do feel really wired!!i might have a dose of Night nurse tonight to knock me out, i get weighed tomorrow so hopefully i'll get away with it, haven't sleep properly since last Saturday, it's starting to get to me now, being snappy with the kids and Hubby,i'm not mrs popular just now
Budkin, I suffered with the same the first week, I wasn't sleeping til 3.00/4.00 am and now I'm sleeping so much better. Hopefully it will pass for you too

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i lay awake too....but i sit looking on my phone at this site hehe.
some nights iv woken up just because iv been dreaming of how long it will take untill i reach certain goals, i sit and work out if i lose 3lb a week what weight i would be at different special occasions this year! i could be 13stone by my sons birthday or 10 stone by my own birthday haha it helps me to cope with the diet but then i cant sleep for being so excited :D i hope you get some sleep tonight and it all sorts itself out xxx
ive been having sleepless nights since restarting after christmas, Im thinking its coz i have not excercised in a while, so im going to start back at the gym next week and try and tire myself out.
Thank you Girls for your replies, glad i'm not alone with my insomnia
I also like to guess how much i'll weigh for certain future events, helps to keep me focused, i can't help trying on my slimmer clothes either, maybe that's why i can sleep toooo excited
The Night Nurse was Fab! and didn't make a difference to my weight in ...8lb off so i'm delighted, and had a Good nights sleep,(my family like me again, no more Grumpy Mummy)
Have a Great week Sam


Getting thinner everyday!
yes I don't sleep either and I didn't last time I was on it. For six months, I didn't have a full nights sleep so it is definately related to LT.
glad you are in the good books again, hurrah! :D
Me too
Sam ;)

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