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Is this normal?

I was pleased when I read on here that you can drink coke zero. After 3 weeks of nothing but water and black coffee I decided to treat myself.

I've taken one mouth full and it was really uncomfortable when I swallowed like it was really harsh inside me (almost painful)? And now I feel bloated like a balloon?

I never used to get this and have drunk fizzy drinks all my life. Is it possible I've built up a resistance to it or something like that?

I feel really weird now and don't think I'll have any more :(

Ta! X
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My CDC said if I felt weird or bloated then don't have it, some people don't react well to it while on cd and maybe your one of them! I'd say give it a few days and then try again, if it makes you feel like that again you have your answer! I must agreed water is bloody awful! And so boring! I cud drink 3litres of wine easily! But water not a chance yet!
This was exactly how i felt after having a small glass! ouch!! never again :( x
This has happened to me several times even just with sparkling water. Weird!
I would just stick to the water if you can, hard as it may be, but its the best thing. I got into my head the more water I drink the more I will lose, and it works :) , I dont touch fizzy pops at all now, even coke zero contains sugar and acids,
hope this helps x
I heard the carbnation in Fizzy Drinks (which I Love) even Low Cal ones slow your metabolisum?
Please see quote below: ... Not sure how much fact there is, but not going to chance it, just in case it is true.

Quote "Fizzy drinks are nothing but carbonated water to which some flavoring has been added. These fizzy drinks tend to increase your metabolic rate when consumed and after sometime the effect wears off. It's the caffeine present in the fizzy drinks that actually ups the metabolic rate for a short time. Once the effect wears off it slows down the metabolic rate. Recent studies have shown that artificial sweeteners in fizzy drinks lower metabolism and rats fed on them gained weight than those which were fed on natural sugars .Go slow on these fizzy drinks, switch to pure water instead to quench your thirst."

Quote no.2
"Diet Soda and Metabolism
According to a recent study published in "Behavioral Neuroscience," items containing artificial sweeteners, such as diet sodas, have an unknown but undesired effect on metabolism. Rats in the study who were given artificial sweeteners ended up gaining more weight than rats in the control group, who were fed natural sugars. Thus, the sweeteners used in diet soda might be worse for your metabolism than consuming regular sugar--an astonishing result.

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