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Is this right?

You can have between 5 and 15 a day. That's what's in the book x


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My consultant says 10 too, because the guidelines say 5-15! 10 gives you a bit of leeway, so if you've underestimated your syns or gone over a bit for some reason, you have somewhere to go!X
Depends on your consultant and what they deem you need. If you have a lot of weight to use they start you at 15. All the new starters when I went got 10 syns, and I got 15 for being a man!
I think that they recommend new members start at 10 syns a day because it means you're still in control - you can still chose to have the 'naughty' food - just in controlled quantities.

You can go up to 15 a day as you previously used to.


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I started on 15 and could drop it back if I found it was too much. People with more weight can be advised to have up to 25 Syns per day! All consultants advise differently and as long as you still have a couple of stones to lose there's no reason you shouldn't have 15 a day
5-15 is the rule, but my weightloss became very slow and sluggish with taking in 15 a day, so i dropped to 10 and bingo it sped right up again :)
We've heard this a few times recently. Since the start of the year the consultants seem to recommend 10 syns so I think this has come from SW. My consultant has also started to say 10 syns and she never used to!


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i have loads to lose and last year my consultant told me to have 20 syns a day.... it didn't help! i wasn't shifting the weight and gave up.

when i rejoined this year my new consultant said 10. i think it depends on the consulant.

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