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Extra Easy Days Is this too much food???


I can do this............
Looks fine but try and get some superfree fruit or veggies in there. Also no hex a?? You had toast which would be your B choice but no A choice unless im being blind!! Maybe have some cheese on your omlette. x
Definitely eat more fruit and veg. It can take a while to get your head round the whole 'eating unrestricted' thing, but you will get used to it and love it soon enough.

A good way of making the transition is making yourself a pot of no-points WW soup. It's all made with superfree vegetables and so will be free on red, green or EE, and is a good way of getting more veg into your diet. Snack on it whenever you like, as you would on WW as it's no points. It will help get you used to eating more!
Or try throwing berries/chopped fruit into your mullers!


Is a crunchy mama!
I say there's nothing to worry about unless you're leaving each meal absolutely stuffed! Eating until comfortably full is what you should be aiming at so if you're comfortably full with your meals then enjoy!

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