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Is this too much food??

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Missy_mint, 7 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. Missy_mint

    Missy_mint Full Member

    Im having a bad day first one since ive started and ive become obsessed with weighing myself at home and its read the same all week :cry:
    Ive eaten loads today

    1 small portion honey nut shredded wheat with semi skimmed milk
    2 bananas
    3 satsums
    2 alpen light bars
    3 mug shots :cry:
    some more pasta leftover from yesterday
    little milkyway
    3 muller lights or mayb 2 cant remember

    Ugh now ive written that down it looks like LOADS :sigh:
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  3. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    I would say it looks fine but maybe cut down on the bananas to just one a day and replace a muller with another fat free yoghurt.

    When I used to go to class I was told that bananas can slow weightloss however I still eat about 3 a week.
  4. Missy_mint

    Missy_mint Full Member

    what other yogurts can i have ?? oh i didnt know that thanx will try more other fruit!! :eek:)
  5. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    Here is the thread of other yoghurts and their syn value. You could keep having the mullers if you really enjoy them but if you wanted to try something different then see if you get any ideas from this thread.


    Berries are great for a sweet treat, with fat free yoghurt (and meringue for an extra treat thats low in syns) and also for your body xxx
  6. *angie*

    *angie* loves food and cooking

    Ok, maybe we see things differently, but my first reaction was that you wern't eating enough. Then, looking again, and assuming that you are on a green day, I would humbly suggest that you are not eating a wide enough variety of food.

    You have had your A choice (milk) and only one B choice (alpen lights), some syns (milky way and cereal) - but your free food today consisits of:

    mug shot,
    mug shot,
    mug shot,

    Would you be able to include some vegetables (fresh or frozen) into your meals - salads, peas, carrots, mushrooms, sweetcorn etc? Other starches than pasta - potatoes, rice, cous cous etc? By adding more variety to your menu, you will stay interested, will keep your motivation and also will allow your body to obtain a wider range of nutrients.

    And, whilst I am editing - **please** try and get away from the scales habit - they are not helping you at the moment. There are so many factors that affect weight (not just what we eat) that daily (or more) weighing can really harm our positive thinking.

    <take care>
    Last edited: 7 May 2009
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  7. Harrie

    Harrie Silver Member

    Echoing everything Angie says - esp. get away from the scales. Sometimes we don't lose for days and then pow! it's gone. Weighing yourself everyday is disheartening (and I know - I've been there).

    Get more vegetables in your diet (they are nice!) and also, personally, I try to stay away from processed foods.

    You haven't eaten loads. Not nearly enough to qualify as loads!
  8. Missy_mint

    Missy_mint Full Member

    Thank you for the advise having another pants day :eek:( but reading that has cheered me up i will try and stay away from the scales although it is rather tempting!!! Im going to try and have some more vegetables and make a quiche as well later they are super yummy. I do tend to just have green days as im not really a big meat eater!!
    I do love the morrisons healthy sauages though :eek:)
    Aww thank you again for the advice i just really need a boost at the moment ( not the chocolate hehe) xxx
  9. Lucy:D

    Lucy:D dreamingofawaist

    Do u have someone who can take the scales? My OH takes mine or leaves them here but takes the batteries out.. and i get them back once a week!

    U could get the 100 green recipie book.. its really good!

    *sends hugs*
  10. slimandhappy

    slimandhappy Full Member

    2 bananas sounds quite a lot. What size were they? I usually have 1 small one a day. I buy the childrens bananas.
    I am doing the extra easy plan, and this is what I have had today.
    Porridge, milk, half a small banana, strawberries, grated apple, fat free yogurt.
    Lunch pasta, tinned tomatoes, and tuna in brine, fat free natural yogurt 2 plums
    Dinner 2 egg omelette with green and red peppers and lots of veg.
    Fruit if needed.
    Having written everything down, I also seem to be eating a lot. I hope I am doing it right.
  11. dehli

    dehli Silver Member

    I'd say it's not a lot if you were hungry. However, if you're eating from boredom then it's something to be tackled.

    I eat a lot, today I've had
    breakfast: oat so simple with scan bran (hex B) and grated apple in it, and milk (hex A).
    snacks: pear, fruit salad
    lunch: salad with a boiled egg and 2 quorn sausages, plus a tablespoon of coleslaw (syns, guessing 2 or 3) and a shape yogurt.

    I haven't decided dinner yet, but it will involve pasta or sw chips.

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