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IsleMissy's diary

Today is the first day of my SW online subscription.

Started day with cereal, as hadn't been shopping.

Kellogs Just right - 5 sin's

Bacon(Free) on wholemeal roll (HE):)
Tsp Tomato sauce, tsp Flora - 1 sin each Total 2 Sin's

Dole Mandarin in Jelly 4.5 sins:sigh: (though they be free)

Cooked Chilli Chicken
Sweet Potato

Snack a Jacks 3.5 sins

15 sins (I think, Hopefully get easier as I go along)
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Just had my weigh in and I have lost 3lbs:D

finding it hard to get here and write my food diary, due to working shifts and been very busy at work this week.

I will hopefully get into way soon. Trying to get Laptop of my daughter another problem!!

I wish there was an app for Iphone!
Right here goes. Will try and keep diary up to date.

On nights last night.

1 Tin of Red Bull + grapes (5.5 sins)

2 slices wholemeal bread (HEB b):)
2 slices light dairy lea (HEB a)

1 Mullerlight Yogurt.:)


Homemade Chicken Soup (Free):D
Crusty White Roll ( Love Them with soup)(3.5 sins)
Butter (2 sins)

Total 11 sins (so far)

Going to Gym after tea. Report back later.:D
Right that is the first Gym session since starting SW online!

Completed 10 mins on Bike, Cross Trainer and machine that is similar to running but like cross trainer, means no impact on Knees.

Also did 60 sit ups and 4 sets on the Leg press - Got to strengthen these thighs!:D

313 calories burned:D
Food Diary for Friday


Kelloggs Sustain + Banana + milk (HEX a + b):)

Lunch (Early and on the run due to Big Meeting at Work:()

2 x weight watchers lemon slices (8 sins):(
1 x Tassimo Cappacino (1.5 sins)


Chicken Soup
2 x slices Wholemeal Bread (HEX b)
Muller Light Mandarin Yogurt.

Not too bad today, maybe never eat enough, but stressed out with meeting to try and save jobs.:mad: Then had to take sister inlaw home in late evening.
I agree with you - I dont think you've eaten enough. Fridays food doesn't seem very filling.

I know how hard it is when you are working and busy, why not try taking some superspeed fruit and veg in your bag that can be eaten quickly and easily on those busy days?
Today's diary

Well it is the Weekend again, First one off for what seems like ages.

What I ate today.


1 and a half Quorn Sauages
1 Poached egg
Mullerlight Yogurt

Went To Gym - 1 hour mix of Cardio and Weights

Mid afternoon

1 x Tassimo cappacino (1.5 sins)
Bunch of Grapes


Chicken (HEX b), Sugar Snap Peas, Mini Sweetcorn on the cob, Baby Potatoes. all cooked in some Mango Chutney (2 sins).:D

Going to have some Walkers Sensations (Weekend Treat) when my Husband decides to come home. Popped out for 5 mins to run daughter to youth club, That was an hour ago, and men say we are bad for talking:sigh:
Today's diary

Last night I had some Walkers Sensations so reckon about 6 sins then.

Well today I had the following:

Late Breakfast

Mullerlight yogurt


Roast Pork (HEX B)
Roast Potatoes x1 (2.5 sins)
Veg roasted with one call spray.
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes

Roasted Onions (1.5 sins):)

Gravy (1.5 sins)
Yorkshire Puddings x2 (6 sins):)

Melon & grapes

So not too bad for a Sunday, 11.5 sins.:D
islemissy said:
Just had my weigh in and I have lost 3lbs:D

finding it hard to get here and write my food diary, due to working shifts and been very busy at work this week.

I will hopefully get into way soon. Trying to get Laptop of my daughter another problem!!

I wish there was an app for Iphone!
Hi Missy! welcome! There is an iPhone app... I came across it when accessing the minimins site on my iPhone and it gave me the option to download the app.

Today's diary

Well Day Shift today, so the following is what I ate. Still haven't got to grips with what to take to work.


Kelloggs Sustain (HEX B)
Milk (HEX A)


2 Slices Wholemeal Bread (HEX B)
2 Dairy Lea light triangles (HEX A)
MullerLight yogurt


Cous Cous (0.5 Sins)
2 x poached eggs

1 x Alpen light bar (3 sins)
1 x Snack a Jacks (5 sins)

2 x Nescaffe latte (7 sins)

Total sins 15.5 :(
Today's diary

Well Day Shift Two. Busy Day today.


Kellogg's Sustain (HEX B)
Milk (HEX A)

2 x Slices Wholemeal Bread (HEX B)
Cathederal Light Cheese (HEX A)

Mullerlight Yogurt


Uncle Bens Thai Sweet Chillie Rice (2 sins)
Poached Egg

Alpen Light Cereal Bar (3 sins)

2 x Nescafe Latter (7 sins)

Total 12 sins

I am going to try and improve what I bring to work to eat for next week, as not eating enough free foods.
NightShift tomorrow.:(
Today's diary

Not a good day today, not eaten very much.


Kellogg's Sustain
Milk (HEX A)

Meeting at work and then Gym at Lunchtime.


SW Chips
Baked Beans
Tesco Wafer thin Chicken.:)


Pepsi Max

Probably have a couple of Nescafe Latte's at work (7 Sins)

Taking Plenty Fruit with me for nightshift tonight.:(

Weigh In tomorrow.
weight loss of -1.5 :D

Been a mad week and don't think I ate enough.

Yesterday crazy day, got up from night shift at 1pm. Did my usual taxi service for my mother, then did my weekly shop.

Parents evening, finished at 6pm and had to be at work for 7, so I had a chippy with kids for tea:eek:
Only had Cheeky Chips (Kids Portion).

Looking forward to weekend off :)
Today's diary

Well it has been a difficult week, really busy.

Hoping to fair better this week. Plan to be more organised :sigh:


Roast Beef
lots of veg
Sweet Potatoes

Got a gift of some fudge this week so having some of it this evening:break_diet:

New week starts tomorrow.
Today's diary

New Week :)


Kelloggs Sustain (HEXB)
Milk (HEXA)

Lots of Housework - Washing/Brushing Floors


Home Made Lentil Soup (Free)
2 Slices Wholemeal Loaf 400g (HEXB):)

Gym - I hope

Dinner will be -

Chicken, Carrots, Turnip, Sweet Potatoes, Parsnips
Gravy (0.5 sins)
Today's diary

Well working last two days, managed okay i think


Tried MullerLight Yogurt with porridge oats soaking overnight in fridge - Lovely:D

Homemade Lentil Soup, Toasted 400g wholemeal bread (2 slices) + cathederal Light cheese.

Uncle Bens rice + chicken and pineapple

Mullerlight yogurt.
Nescafe Skinny Latte.

Had more or less the same over the two days. Been to Aqua Fit this evening. Glad to get back after the hols. Try to get to gym tomorrow.:)

Weigh in tomorrow also
Week nearly over

Well not too good a week. -0.5 lbs.
but after having girls round for Friday night, (Baking, Crisps & Dips) should have been pleased with loss.

Diet wise this week not great, eating lots of fruit though, but meals haven't been good.

Will hopefully get back on track today. Last nightshift:) then off till Wednesday.
Today's diary

Well back to work today, day shift today and tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a long day with the weather that is forecast.


Porridge (HEXB) &
MullerLight Yogurt (left in fridge overnight, Scrummy!!)


2 X Slices Healthy Light Cheese (HEBA)
2 X Warburtons Wholemeal bread $00g loaf (HEXB)


Carrot & coriander soup

Melon & Grapes

2 x Skinny Cafe Latte (7 sins)

Not too bad a day. Not sure what to take tomorrow yet, will see what I feel like in the morning.

Did 1 hour in Gym yesterday and 45 mins AquaFit tonight :D:D Feeling really good, lets hope Scales are nice to me in the morning ;)

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