It all went wrong.... or maybe not


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Morning all
Hope you all had gr8 weekend.... Just wanted to get few things off chest & see what you all think.... I re-joined LL Class last Thu night but am only just starting packs today. I upped water intake etc etc BUT I've given up smoking :D :D ....
This was my first fag free weekend of 2007 & didnt think I could cope with nicotine withdrawal & food withdrawl at the same time :confused: :confused: :confused: ....
Do you think I've done the right thing??? I test my counsellor this morning to tell her. I didnt say anything in class incase I couldnt cope without the fags but I've been really fine ;)
well done clucks.

i want to give up smoking too but have been too frightened of blowing the diet and the giving up fags. i honestly think if u can do both at once then that is better as u arent prolonging ur progress.

well done, keep it up. u will be so pleased u did. my hat is off to u. xxxx
WOW well done for deciding to stop smoking, I gave up smoking a few years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made.

I think it will be a very difficult task to give up fags & food - but it is not impossible and will depend on how strong your will power is.

I got hypnotized to stop smoking and I found that worked for me and I never picked one up again, in fact I am problaby the worst reformed smoker ever!!! I was early stages pregnant at the time and felt I did not have the willpower or the time to stop I wanted to stop then & there and not gradually as being pregnant there was a greater sense of urgency.

I had one or two difficult moments and my husband got me through each time and after that I have never looked back. I view LL and the initial food craving very similar as on day 1 I faltered and have had two major wobbly moments on LL that thanks to hubby I have got through and now feel I have turned a corner.

Smoking is an addiction and is very difficult to give up and so if you can do both - hats off to you - take one day at a time, thats all you can do as the more days you do the easier it gets.

Sorry its not great advice - how long have you been in abstinence & how lhave you managed over the weekend without the ciggies?
I had no problems giving up the fags though did put a bit of weight on, you need to keep yourself occupied. I stopped smoking 6 yrs ago and the only time I fancy one is socializing, then I tried one and it was gross so I have never looked back. You feel so much cleaner, and have more energy.
Hi Clucks

Much respect to you for going back to abstinence and giving up smoking at the same time:) A girl in my LL group did just that and did brilliantly and was one of the most focused in our group and has maintained her weight and stayed fag-free for a few months now. She said she felt it was easier than she had expected as she was giving up alot of the habit/associations with smoking at the same time ie. a cigarette after a meal or with a drink in the pub. She used nicotine patches for a few weeks and then was done.

Perhaps giving up two big addictions at once is not the way forward for everyone but works for some. Wishing you all the best and good for you!:D
Thanks u lot - I'm well into the day 1 pack down which was lovely vanilla coffee which I really enjoyed!!!!!!
I don't want a ciggie either. YIPPPEEEEE!!!! I'm bouncing around the office xxxx
Brave or stoopid ?!?!?!?!?!
I feel fine though, just hope my counsellors ok about not actually starting until today rather than Fri monrning as we all promised during class. I wanted to stay & tell her but she'd got another class & it was their first week so she had to crack on!
I also missed Sun pop in as I was trying to get a lay in - which didnt quite work due to my 8yr old pestering me to get up and down the dump! (DONT ASK)....
Nevermind. You've started and thats all that matters!
CAn you not ring her/email her to let her know and explain you did want to say but didnt get chance.
All she'll be bothered about is that you actually HAVE started at some point and that your heads in the right place so you go back next week.