It was all a dream! Phew!


Losing it!
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Last night I dreamed I ate a quarter of a piece of toast with peanut butter, finishing off the children's supper. In my dream I was a broken woman once I realised what I'd done!

I woke in a cold sweat was both delighted and relieved to find it was all a dream.

Wow! Now I know what it's going to feel like if I do cheat, I'm sooooo not going to.

Day 5 - bring it on.
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Ha ha, I've had those dreams too, I was so cross with myself, I remember trying to scrape my tongue off with my finger. It's amazing what your brain is up to when you sleep, I prefer my brad pitt dreams to any food dream, wonder if he's low carb???? could eat him up ha ha ha


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I had those dreams, first time I woke up elmost crying, because I was so upset that I blew it, my latest dream I was having crisps and popcorn! I also feel like putting weight with those dreams!.

Dutch you made me laugh loool


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Must have been something in the air last night, I woke up devastated, took me ages to realise it hadn't happened LOL poor carb starved brains :)


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Lol i had a dream the other night where i phoned a chinese, put it on a plate then felt guilty so stuck it in the micro and went to bed....i actually woke up and HAD to check the micro to see if it was there haha! The weird things a diet does to u eh xx