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Italian Restaurant, what can I eat???

Well, just as the title really! Being invited to dinner on Friday night with the old crowd, now we've all got kids we dont see eachother that often so dont want to be rude and not accept, and dont want dh to not be able to go because of me!! Usually if im in a restaurant I just eat all round me - even if im on a diet, I cant resist things like garlic sauteed potatoes and cheesy sauces so can anyone give me any ideas for both red and green days of what to have that wont affect my weightloss?? Cheers xxx:D
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Hi, I tend to have pasta with roasted veg in a tomato sauce - it can be a bit oily but I ask them to go easy with the olive oil. Either that or i'll have chicken with something, usually a tomato sauce. And i'll have a side salad. Hope this helps! Jay x


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i would go syn free all week and then eat what i wanted, that way i don't feel like i'm depriving myself you will obviouslly be having wine and stuff just be extra extra good in the days after too a treat every now and then makes it easier. don't go loco and try stick roughly to a day but hey it's not an everyday occurence is it.

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I agree with Princessria..your life doesnt have to end just because you are watching what you eat!
Dont feel guilty about your choices either and just make sure that you enjoy your catch up with your friends rather than worry over whats going in your mouth.


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If you are having a starter then maybe a mozzerella (HEa) and tomato salad.. tell them no dressings or oil.

For a main like others have said either a chicken dish or pasta with a tomato based sauce. Or use flexi syns and have what you want.. just stay away from the garlic bread etc.

For a dessert.. the usual fruit salad.. or just have a coffee.
tomato based pasta is always a good start, or any plain/ tomato based meat. i know its hard when your out and everyone seems to hve mroe tasty stuff around so if you really cant resist, flexi syns!


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god garlic bread is evil isn't it i haven eaten that or pizza in a long time i don't mind catching up on my syns but once you have gone without them for so long when you eat them its A a bit disappointing and B cause you eat healthy usually it just makes me bloated and all grotty but the smell is just way way too nice hehe
Thanks for the replies everyone!! :D Think i'll be a good girl and stick to a big bowl of tomatoey pasta and maybe get a baileys coffee no cream for dessert, im heading to lanzarote in a week and a half and I have a big bulgy belly, dont want to worsen it or undo my good work! Thanks again!! xx


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Stay away from the Baileys.. although I dont have my book handy I was told 15 syns for just one.. think what you could have instead for that amount of syns!!


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That sounds like a well balanced idea. I usually go with arrabiata type pasta as it's low and yum then use my syns for wine.
I agree with the others though, don't beat yourself up over it and jump straight back on board. One night does not a failure make - lol
Hope you have fun x
Thanks littlebottle!! I think my problem is I LOVE FOOD!! Which actually isnt so bad when on sw!

BTW, dont know if you know this or not but my old sw leader told us that any bottle of white, rose or sparkling wine under 10% vol is only 9 syns for the whole bottle!! :D :D :D Just thought id share!!!
Best tip for eating out is to make sure you're not ravenous when you get there. Have a banana and one of the scrummy new Mullerlight vanilla and choc sprinkle yoghurts before you go out. That way the complimentary garlic bread will be a tiny bit easier to go easy on.

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