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Itching and Hives


Still Motivated
I was wondering has anyone else experienced any issues with itching or hives whilst on a VLCD?

I do suffer from sensitive skin anyway so when I started having attacks of itching on my chest, midriff and sometimes underarms, I did not think anymore of it, but after a chance remark to someone at work who has done LL it appears that it is not unusual.

Love Myr xxx
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I have noticed a little more asthma for me
which hasn't reared it's head for yrs

Must be the soya I thought

Or maybe I am tapping into layers of fat and realising more toxins eh?
(sorry, an in joke at someones expense)
but, you never know!

You know we are gonna tell you to drink more water don't you

Nope, can't say that I have and I have super-sensitive skin that usually breaks out at the mere sniff of a potential allergen.

It's not a VLCD side-effect that I've heard of either.

I think it's just you Myr, you're wierd! :p:D
Skin's a bit on the dry side sometimes, but no hives. Mine are usually stress related, anyway.
someone posted in ?novemeber about this and it seemed to be a lactose intolerance



Gold Member
Yes I remember someone else mentioning something similar but don't think they stayed around. I have stopped itching personally (yeast intolerance plus love of bread) since I have been on Exante!
Bren xx
Have to revisit this, as I've been itching like a sod this past couple of days, and come to think of it, I've had a couple of spots of irritation all week. Just dismissed it for the purposes of this thread as it's not hives.

But deffo just a dry skin prob here, I think. Yeah yeah, more water ;)


Still Motivated
Well I have done a little research and apparently what I have found is quite plausible. The breakdown of body fat causes mast cell degeneration which in turn releases histamine. I have had quite a breakout today which I noticed just after I arrived home from work on my torso and have had to take a anti-histamine which has helped alleviate the itching.

Bloody hell :cry:

Love Myr xxx
Glad the antihistamine seemed to work! Being itchy is horrible.

I get pretty bad eczema on my hands and will be interested to see if this clears up at all when I stop eating conventional food (and therefore potential causes of the eczema)
Oh crikey - a breakout of hives is one of the most miserable and pointless existences I know. I sincerely hope it's only very temporary. :)


Still Motivated
Well it went down considerably after I took the cetirizine and I stopped itching quite quickly so that is the main thing. I have just been to buy a fresh stock of 1 a day to hopefully keep it at bay. (I take it generally for hay-fever April-September anyway.)

Love Myr xxx

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