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It's a beautiful life


I have done Cambridge before, and for me it has worked really well. I got rid of old habits of eating (and thinking!) and maintained my weight for 2 years. However, this summer. Suddenly lost it! Started to work nights and waow, that really messed things up. =) So, now I have gained 15 pounds, and I feel it a lot.

So I'm back to Cambridge, starting monday. Why not today you might ask? Well, I know that I need to prepare mentally for the SS cambridge diet. I need to get inspired by all of you here doing a fantastic job and get set, so to speak. So, I just wanted to say Hi. For me, I do need to write my diaries to help me keep track of my thoughts along the way. I hope some of you might join me and share your thoughts and experiences as this is the best reward and motivation you could ever get.

Cheering for all of you out there. :)

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I tried to restart yesterday and was not mentally set for it so failed. Started again today and feel fab have had a great day and resisted hubby and my girlies having spaghetti Bol for tea. Fingers crossed for your restart I'm sure you will be fine x
Thanks and Day 1

Thanks to both of you for your pep-talks! I think it is really important to actually plan the time for your cambridge start carefully, make sure that you have some time that you know you will be able to focus on your self, and for me, it helps if I have a crazy busy schedule - I don't have time to eat! So, I'm surprised, I had a really good day! 3 cambridge meals, and actually added 3 eggs (I knew I'd get week and hungry) and I did have a quite intense 2 hour workout and I know that if I only have 3 meals I'll be weak and dizzy while working out so I think this was perfect! The eggs do add calories, but not much carbs so for me they don't "ignite" the cravings the way say, white bread would do... Probably did not drink enough today, I'm having a hard time with drinking enough, I just, find it boring and I'm not really thirsty. :p I know, lazy bad excuse so I'll try to do better tomorrow.

I do also have a crazy schedule right now, I'm in school 8- late nights then straight of to working out and then home and sleep! So, oooh, so good so far. I hope tomorrow will be this effortless but I do think I'm going to get really hungry and I expect the headace...

Many hugs, hope all of you are doing well.
Please don't overdo the exercise on any VLCD. You can injure yourself - not enough carbohydrate in the diet to create the glycogen that is need to fuel muscles during intense workouts - and you can also slow the rate at which you lose weight. Check this out with your CDC.


Yes, indeed, it is a beautiful life!
The day 2 challenge

girlygirl1: Thank you so much for that concern, and I do actually agree with you. I would not recommend anyone on a Cambridge diet and do extensive cardioworkout. I do however feel alright because I have done the Cambridge diet before and, I'm also doing my 4 year in medical school and have taken a special interest in nutrition (natrually. :p) and have done quite a lot of reading on the topic so, for me I feel quite calm with the relation of eating and the amount of exercise I'm doing right now, but I promise that if I feel week or dizzy I'll make changes. :)

Day 2 is going well so far, I'm just having more cravings then yesterday. Mainly I think because I'm so tired, not enough sleep combined with a full day will do that do you, and, whenever I feel like this, my initial response is to go home and get something NICE to eat. Because it always cheers me up as well as makes me feel like the entire day wasn't just a big long todo-list of things I had to do. Yeah, I know, some kind of self-pity? Like, aaah, I had a long day I so deserve a nice snack. Wierd. I'm such a comfort eater I think. :) But, I'm hanging in there! Coffee right now, and studying a bit. (It's actually one of the hardest things, studying without the nibbles!) and then going out in the sun and going for a workout, not feeling so sorry for my self. :p

Hope all of you are well, take care, as always!
I know all about studying for a degree - without the nibbles! We have used food for so many non-nutritive reasons, it's scary. But we can learn to change, over time. I don't think I could ever come to view it is mere fuel, and no more. But it is definitely possible to stop viewing it as the sole or even main focus of any given day.

Keep on keepin' on!
girlygirl1: That's definitely so true. Especially I think if you are overweight and a comfort eater, food starts to represent something else. I would never want to see food as just a fuel, I would however like to enjoy the right foods. Like really craving veggies or a healthy meal. In my experience I tend to "get lost" in the world of pre-cooked, trans-fat foods which are really bad for you and suddenly, all I wan't is like, french fries, cookies and so on. It turns into a bad spiral where I can't even enjoy the other foods like a nice salad and fruits anymore. It's like my senses wear of and apples stars to taste like nothing. Anyone else recognizing that? And usually, after cambridge, omg, strawberries are SOOOO delicious. Like they should be. And choclate-chip cookies just taste like, very sweet mud. :p

Today has been tougher for me, I'm really really tired and I have been hungry during the day. But I have kept to my diet and I hope for a better day tomorrow. :eek:

Many hugs!
Day 4 has been goood! And superbuzzie, so I haven't really had time to feel hungry. :p And now, I'm going to sleaap after several several hours at the hospital.

Hope all of you out there are doing well, you really can do this you know!

Today has been in total a good day! I really had to discipline myself being out with friends both for coffee and food but I worked out great! I had a little more to eat today because of a 2,5 hour practice, so I added half a shake and some chicken and I feel great! So nice!
I know the weekend will be harder, I'll just have to try to activate myself with something else... Nice walks, maybe go swimming.. Just something else but eating!

Many hugs!
Thank you Illa!

Today, I had a bit of a scare. I felt really bad in the morning, hands shaking and really weak. So I did actually add some more food today - proteins, eggs and lentil soup for dinner. I tried to keep going during the day but the shaking wouldn't get any better. Now, after having a bit more calories I feel fine again (A bit full, yack!). Maybe I did overdo it with the workouts a bit, going out to hard (Like girlygirl1 warned me about..). It does however feel like a bit of a setback, maybe I should have just tried to pull through the day, I don't know... I hope I won't have to pay for it with being terrible hungry tomorrow! And that I can stay on track... I really need to be buzzy with something else these days. I hate being at home and "relax" right now! I need activities. :)

Yesterday was sort of a tough one, I'm really not enjoying my cambridge diet this time. :) I long to be able to cook good and healthy food and I think I'm actually going over to SS+ this week, I was planning to do SS for one more week, but I really feel so inspired to make healthy food so I'm going to do that this week! Otherwise, I'll stay on SS for those days that I don't have time. I'm going to be really carful with carbs to maintain a ketosis-level. All in all, a good week!

So today was my first weigh-in and I'm down 10lbs. Yey! And I know, most of it is fluids but I do feel better already. :)

Cheers and hugs!
Oh dear. I really need to write here. Make myself think for a while. Right now I'm really full, I don't really like that feeling anymore. I love the feeling of being "empty" that you get from being on cambridge SS, it motivates me, makes me feel like I'm on my way. I'm also trying to find some balance, I know that I need to find a way to eat food that I can live with, and having cambridge-shakes all day is not the solution to that. So I'm eating about 800 kcal/day(Varies but usually 2 cambridge + 500 kcal) and I feel so full! I'm making it low carb, I really like this concept of keeping the carbs down. I don't blame them to be the root of all evil, but keeping them down helps me stay in ketosis and control my urge to eat... Now, I hope. Today I just feel like I had to much, I want to loose the weight now! I want to feel like I'm on my way and that it will happen right now! I want that SS cambridge feeling back, of being empty and on the right track. I'm afraid to eat. Afraid because I feel like I might fall of the wagon and go back to my old habits like eating in front of the tellie (Even if it is healthy food!) I guess I'm afraid because I don't know where my limits are, I don't know when I'm finding a good balance - Being able to enjoy food, keep some of my habits but with better choices that will enable me to live like this for a long long time, having it as a sustaible change - or if I'm loosing it, falling of the wagon. It's really hard. Being on cambridge SS, I can pat my self on the back, go like, yes, we are on our way! Even though I know, logically, here are some truths about my weight loss.

1. Perseverance is everyting. EVERYTHING. Key is to keep going, just keep going. You will fall off, you will have bad days and binges and the key is to just keep doing it. Eventually you will get there.
2. I can not live with to may rules, there must be ways for me to enjoy a night out, watch a movie with healthy snacks. Then I need to find limits within I do these activities, ex, moviesnack can be 100 kcal. And so on. It's like having freedom within the limits. But I guess going back to some old habit like that scares me, because I'm not quite sure that it's okay for me to do yet. I might very easily fall back.
3. I do love exercise, it wont help me alot in loosing weight, but It will make me feel good and relaxed, and that needs to be my workout motivation.
4. I need to feel good while doing it. And right now, I'm really not. I'm also so tired, like insanely tired. I don't know if it's the switch to going really low carb or the low calorie intake that does it. Things that usually works does not, sleep, working out, coffee. Still the same. I hope I'll just be able to push through and that it will get better.

Today I had a total of 1100 kcalories, I FEEL LIKE A FATZO! I know that sounds crazy but I really do, and it's 300 kcal over the limit, that's a setback. I also feel a strong urge to eat, maybe that's what I'm really upset about. I long for pizzas and all of that crappy food, and I haven't really done that before. I have longed for salmon with salads and stuff like that. Something changed, and it changed when I allowed myself more freedom. Maybe I wasn't ready to start mixing food in already.

I'll be stricter with my diaries and calories from now on, keeping myself to the limits, getting some exercise even if I really don't feel like. Hopefully, I'll get over this sort of hump in time... It's hard though. Really really hard. When I could have a nice god damn pizza and watch a movie. :p

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