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  1. lauren2244

    lauren2244 Full Member

    Hi guys, I have just started weight watchers after doing slimming world for about a year and a half. Was just wondering if someone could have a look at what I have eaten today and tell me if it is ok as have spent all day feeling like I have 'cheated.'
    i get 35pp's a day and so far today I have had:

    40g porridge oats
    60g blueberries
    1tbs honey
    Total 6pp's

    onion bagel
    cottage cheese
    Total 8pp's

    for dinner I am going to have something from the count on us range at marks and Spencer's. I just feel that it is too good to be true that I can eat all these types of food and still lose weight
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  3. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Welcome to ww! Looks perfect to me and yes on ww you can eat what you like, as long as you point it its allowed!!

  4. lauren2244

    lauren2244 Full Member

    Think I am just finding it too good to be true that I can eat all these nice things that were never allowed on slimming world lol :)
  5. I am doing it too after previously doing slimming world and the food you have eaten today looks very much like mine you need to book milk if you did your porridge with it mine was 2 pps worth and milk for your drinks but ww is that easy as you can eat anything obviously the healthier it is the more you get , i am on 37 points a day ,are you using esource the online tool thats fab good luck x p.s i am having chinese tonight all booked with points my friend has lost 7 stone on a year eating a great variety of foods
  6. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    I love both ww and sw. They are veru different plans and both have there pros and cons. But yes ww is very flexible and teaches you about portion control and i sometime find ww shows you that you can have the pizza and chips that everyone else is having and teaches you that you should have a smaller portion. Whereas sw allows you to eat larger portions of naturally healthier stuff.

    They are both basically plans that limit your cals in different ways. Just gotta find what works for you.
  7. lauren2244

    lauren2244 Full Member

    Think I am just concerned that even though I am within my points I am eating too many naughty things to lose weight lol
    I made my porridge with water but don't you get a milk allowance of half a pint a day?
  8. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    If you stick with your dailies and youre weeklies you will lose!

    No you need to point milk :) they suggest you incorperate 1/2 pint into your points :)
  9. lauren2244

    lauren2244 Full Member

    I am struggling to eat my way through 35pp a day, will it matter if I don't use my weeklies?
  10. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Personally i would definatly eat them. Because should your weight loss stall you have something to cut back on, whereas if you dont eat them and you stall you have to ride it out as you have nothing to take away.

    Eat them and enjoy them! You can have them anyway you like. Some have 7 per day and some have 49 in one or 2 days. Means you get to havee your fave treats :)
  11. you have to point all your milk no allowance for it ,if i am struggling to eat all my points i have a sandwich for supper or a treat or add a really nuce cup a soup in with my lunch some of the nice ones are 3 pp , i feel its best to have the weeklies as when u get nearer your target you have got something to cut down on ! you could always have a couple of bottles of wine to use them up or pass them to me i will get rid of them lol
  12. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Bagsy sharies on laurens weeklies! Lol
  13. lauren2244

    lauren2244 Full Member

    In that case I think as will use them for a treat after I have been weighed :) just have to work out what I fancy lol
  14. sharxx

    sharxx Silver Member

    I agree try to use, as you will always have something to fall back on xx good luck with ww I know at first you worry about eating all your points, but when you get into it you will find ways of using..... X

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