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It's d-day for me tomorrow!!

I went to see my doctor a week ago to see if he'd prescribe me xenical and he said that i had to lose 2kg within 2 weeks, and if i did that he'd be more than pleased to give me the xenical.

I didn't think ahead to the fact that i'm on holiday next week until wednesday, and i ALWAYS put on weight :eek: :( I know i could theoretically stick to SW while i'm there, but it's an all-you-can-eat buffet every night at the hotel and it's SO hard to be 'good' :(

The last thing i want is to go and see the doc after i get back, having put on weight!!! :eek:

I know i haven't lost the full 2kg right now (only about 1.25kg), but i'm hoping if i see him before i go and explain that i haven't lost the full 2kg but it's only been 1 week, not 2, and that i'm afraid of putting on weight during my holiday so i'd like the xenical before i go to help keep me on track while i'm there (fear of the orange oil should be enough for me! lol)... then i'm hoping that he might prescribe me it in good faith.... what do you think the chances are? :eek:

I phoned the doctor's surgery just now to see if i could get an appointment for friday (to see if i could lose more weight in the next couple of days!!), but the only day he's working is tomorrow, and not until 3.45pm :eek: so i'm going to be going to see him almost a week early.. and in the AFTERNOON! i'm going to have to not eat all day to weigh the same as i did when i saw him at 10am last week! grrr :rolleyes:

Anyway.. wish me luck please! I'm going to take my SW weigh-in log with me to show him that i've been commited to losing weight for the past 3 weeks... plus it's my SW weigh-in tomorrow morning so that should show a loss :eek:

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Go on smile! =)
Ah bless you beki! I hope he gives you them x And i was thinking its been 2 weeks since i read about your first dr's visit lol
Thanks guys :)

Red - it was only 1 week ago unfortunately.. not really given myself enough time to lose the weight, but hey ho :(


Go on smile! =)
Yea i thought it went too fast lol
Got everything crossed for ya hun! x


Go on smile! =)
I really hope you get them!
thanks :D me too! :D xx
goodluck :)


gunna be a fatty for ever
good luck for both weigh ins tomorrow!!

Maybe take your sw books in to show him how much you have lost hun! and try not to starve your self too much hehe

good luck babes
yeah i'm definitely going to take my SW book to show him! fingers crossed i actually lose tomorrow then LOL.. i'd better lose! i've been sooooooo good this week!

i'm going to look positively skinny by tomorrow afternoon, having not eaten all day! :p :D LOL
Dont go hungary


gunna be a fatty for ever
i know u gotta have some thing hun!! xxx
oh, i wouldn't worry.. i'm planning on a MONSTER dinner tomorrow night :p LOL
oh, and a couple of alpen bars during the day.. don't worry! it's only til 4pm anyway ;) x


gunna be a fatty for ever
hehehe!! oooh i'll have my fingers crossed for ya babes!!

Grrr.. got to the surgery and they said to come back at 5.10 :( i'm gonna leave in about half an hour... i'm soooooo hungry!

I'm so desperate to lose weight on HIS scales that i'm going to wear leggings IN PUBLIC which is unheard of for me! pmsl :rotflmao:

My scales are showing a 1.5kg loss... and his scales are the old fashioned dial ones.. so i might be able to convince him that it's hovering right on the 2kgs, rather than inbetween LOL ;)

Can you believe i lost a measly 1lb at SW (which is weird as my scales seem to be different from theirs this week - usually they're pretty much the same)?! I've been SO good this week! I was expecting 2-3lb minimum :(

I'm soooo hoping he gives me the script today, otherwise it'll be another week or two!
Alot of scales if not all of them are different, goodluck at the dr's i really hop he gives you what you want. Post back and tell me what happened lol.

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