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IT'S FRIDAY!!Let's do it hour by hour**

:)Thought I'd lost it for a minute there.. was just about to run round like a headless chicken cos I should be on a train by 10.45!!!! On saturday of course...:D
Am doing ok this week.. haven't posted on any threads for a few days as I have been busy with other things.. but I have stuck to my guns and kept to the plan adn even though it sounds daft, I am quite enjoying it.. I did have a little blip with 2 Lamb Chops during the early part of the week...
I could have eaten my left arm so went into the freezer, defrosted two lamb chops in the microwave , and luckily my daughter rang me and talked me into chucking them in the bin... I was ok after that, but boy, could I have seriously damaged my determination...
I now know that eating anything will stop me from losing this weight.. that's the reason I got like this in the first place...
I have my 2nd weigh in on Saturday afternoon as I have had to change my counsellor but am sure I have lost a few pounds so am not worried..
Hope everyone has a good week and take care all...:)
Morning all! Day 2 for me and all is going well so far! I've had a vanilla shake which was quite nice actually, 2 coffee's, and am half way through my first bottle of water. Have been tidying up my desk as it was a tip!

Going to walk to the shop soon and get some sweeteners. Mum and Dad are coming over at some point.

Have a good day all! xxx


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hello all..

Well I'm starting week 4 and I'm feeling realy good.. quite tearful actually as I KNOW I'm shrinking. Gosh it makes me so happppyyy

Anyhoo.. I'm cooking my family paella today, I've never made it before, but I love cooking so I'm quite looking forward to it! I have some live muscles in a bowl in the kitchen, and over night they have come to be like pets, so cooking them seems a bit mean!!

anyway.. I've dressed my dd in her favourite dress and put her hair in bunches in preparations for easter visitors!

Enjoy good friday all!
Morning all!

Well its day 6 for me today and I am down to 13st 12lbs :) another lb bites the dust! After a nice little lie-in I am just having my "brekkie" of a pint of water and a frozen tetra ice cream ( i was going to have it for lunch but my mouth felt yucky and i thought a bit of frozen would help!).

Am looking forward to this weekend, I think it will be fairly straightforward to stick to plan. Today we are having a tidying up day as me and the bf are off and the flat is a mess. Tomorrow he is doing lots of boy things with boys so I plan to take that opportunity to do some uni work, Sunday is "do something together" day and i hope to go to church, and then Monday is a meal with the family.

AHA!! I hear you say, a MEAL on SS?!?! Well I plan to do a green and white meal in the style of AAM, as the meat is turkey. My family know about the diet so won't try and tempt me with banned foods :) so I'm sure it will be fine.

Happy Easter everyone! xx
Hi Guys
My first weigh in tomorrow - feeling positive as have been 100% SS. My sister is doing it with me, she had her first weigh in last Tue and lost 12 pounds!! So that really encouraged me.

How much water has everyone been drinking and any opinions on the theory that the more you drink the more you lose?? I have been managing between 4-5 ltrs don't think i could manage anymore than that!

Afternoon all well i've had a pretty disasterous week diet wise although my scales say i lost 1lb but i'm not putting anything on my ticker coz i've been bad, was in another car accident on Monday nothing serious but set me back with my whiplash to about 3 weeks after my original crash :( So i've eaten i've had lots of yummy things such as pizza mmmm and chocolate mmmm (feels good to confess sometimes lol) BUT i a pair of trousers i bought a few weeks ago that fastened but i couldnt breathe now fit lovely :)

Had a scary honeymoon dream last night too that my friend and her hubby came and were sharing a room and i'd forgotten to pack my knickers lol

Well thats enough of a ramble from me have a lovely day everyone i've got a weekend of nothing ahead of me YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

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