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It's Friday people, c'mon let's do it hour by hour


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I was bad yesterday, I had a little spag bol for tea instead of a shake, although i am running out of shakes thick and fast, cant get in touch with mt cdc, will have to see if I can get in touch with Dan from swaffam... Have got to drink loads of water today being that yesterday I drunk hardly anything.... Right I have got to stay on track.... Think I will attempt some kind of work out video..
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good morning nessa, I hope you enjoyed the spag bol, I do like spag bol. do you use a jar of sauce (if so what one) or do you make your own sauce? If so..what do you use ? I look forward to having spag bol again....:drool:

Hope you have a better day today food wise, keep ss'ing now :whoopass:

How's everyone else doing?? I've not caught up on yesterdays thread yet..gonna do that now..catch ya later peeps xxx


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Lots of housework with the music on will make you enjoy it more , kill two birds with ONE stone


Morning everyone!

Nessa don't worry about yesterday, it's done now and may I say what a great meal to cheat with! It's my favourite! :)

Day 2 for me, felt a bit miserable yesterday as I missed food, but if I'm honest I wasn't actually that hungry so know it was just a mind thing.

Loved the tetra frozen, had that last night and it was gorgeous!

The Chicken & Muchroom soup tasted nice to start then seemed really cloying and greasy after a while, anyone else find this? Hope the Chilli one is better!

Mrs Roch

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Morning campers...
It's Friday...!! Roll on 5pm..!! :party0049:

Have just had my morning Tetra and on my first litre of water..

JodieJJ - I'm looking forward to the tv tonight - BB eviction - who do you want to go? I don't like David or the Blond - can't remember her name.. Who's the guest on Friday Night Project? I'm bit annoyed with myself for getting into BB this time but it does take your mind off food and picking..

SJ - How you feeling sweet? Our first goal was to lose another 11lb by 13th August (inc last week's weigh-in) after our first weigh-in.. I'm going to jump on the scales tomorrow to see how I've done this week so far, hopefully its good and it will keep me motivated and on the straight & narrow over the weekend..

I realised this morning that when I'm off w/c 13th August, I should have done my first goal which is to be 14st and should be on AAM which I'm excited about..

I certainly find this diet harder at home. At work we've no nearby shops or vending machines and only a couple of sandwich vans and the pasty man that comes round in the morning. I can't see them, they have to honk their horns and to be honest I don't even listen for them anymore.. (I lie.. as I'm typing I've just heard him :))

It will good to be on AAM week because at least when we're out I can have some chicken/fish and salad and I won't feel like I'm cheating and the following week I'm back at work and so will be straight back on it with my next goal of being 12st on 12th Oct in mine...

Anyway, I've rambled sorry guys..

Have a good day all - sun's shining here and they predict 27 degrees over the weekend - might get my body out and try and catch some rays..:D better warn the neighbours... :rotflmao:
Morning all!
Late checking in this morning! Have already been to town with the children!
I managed 5 litres of water yesterday and I am gonna do the same today, I hope! I am already on the third litre!!:D:D
Hope you are all ok, Nessa, draw a line under that spag bol, and SophiaJo hope you are feeling better
Will check in later, kids are shouting me to colour with them!
Lots of love X


I'm struggling a bit, bore which isn't good on day 2 is it? honestly how bad would it be if I go back to WW after a week on CD, will I just put it all back on again?

Right Nessa, I know your sorted now, so I`m watching out for your posts lol
BB style :D
Hope evryone else is doing ok
Hi all,

I am on day 3 and feeling better than yesterday although a bit light headed. Not been hungry really and food doesn't bother me but maybe that will change.

Hope you all have a good friday!

Any ideas for social things I can suggest to my friends that don't involve eating?


Mrs Roch

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Treacle - you really are going through the initiation period, the first week is tough but your reward for sticking to it 100% is a fantastic weightloss at the end of it... This will spur you on to do the next week and so on and so on...

You will see such dramatic weightloss on this diet and that of course, means lots of changes to your body - slimmer body, smaller tummy, smaller arms, thinner face, smaller clothes, better skin etc etc You'll get fantastic support here as well. You'll lose the weight on WW but your results will certainly be more dramatic sticking to CD..

Set yourself a few mini goals - they really do keep you focused - join the August Challenge Thread to lose a stone in the month.

How you doing Nessa?

I've just had my second Tetra and guzzling my 2L of fizz with S/Berry.

You can tell the sun's out as there's not many posts on here...

Hope you're all having good days..
Hey everyone,
I've come online a couple of times today but not posted as I didn't really know what to say. I feel really strange today, kind of empty. I'm past the initial huge losses stage & way away from goal so the diet feels like a real chore. Theres emotional stuff too that keeps hitting me & I suppose food used to be the answer to that. I've not strayed at all, its not even that I want to, I just feel odd. Can't explain it.

Anyway, glad to see the rest of you are doing well. Step away from the food Nessa!

Think our sunshine from earlier in the week has headed off down south. Enjoy it folks.

Mrs Roch

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You're doing so well FC - half way there...

Can I ask when you started?

Have you anything to look forward to or have you set yourself any short-term goals..?
Hiya Hannah, been going 5 weeks now so know I've lost loads but as my weight is very unevenly distributed I'm yet to see much change in clothes or anything like that.

That target is my short term goal! Took my original ticker off as it was too depressing to keep seeing how far was left to go. Am hoping to reach that target by my birthday in October.

Thanks for being supportive, I'm sure this will pass. Quickly I hope!
Hi all

Nice to see you all here.

Still not getting enough water down - only 1 and a half litres today so far. Having a coke zero now but will try and drink another litre or so during the evening.

FC - keep strong, you've achieved so much you gotta keep going!:party0049:

Nessa - spag bol? oh yum that sounds good. Infact anything sounds yum at the moment, even a carrot stick which is abit worrying!

Hannah -its Joanna Lumley on the FNP tonight. BB - i want Kara Louise and either Shanessa or David to go. Brian to win:party0019:

My hunger after aam seems to have subsided now thank god. It took a good couple of days to get back into the SS. Really want to get these 6lbs off so that i can get onto 790.

Gorgeous sunny day down here by the sea. My little one is at nursery today and its my day off so pure bliss! Been to the town to do abit of shopping, sat in the garden, read my book, - couldn't be better!

Talk to you later my lovelies



Strong women stay slim
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i had a chicken and mushroom soup yesterday , i really dont like the soups , i do find at the bottom it looks like pepper i think its all the minerals and vitamins , does anyone know if thats right ? Me too , i'm on day 2 of very low calorie diet
just checking in to see how we are doing, nessa stay strong huni and stay away from that food!!, fingers crossed seems like we both been doing this about the same amount of time huni !!. i am on 4th ltr :tear_drop: so it seems i could be on 5ltrs again today that will meen 2 days running!!! had a shake at lunchthime just gonna make my soup now, keep up the good work girls and keep glugging on the aqua


Strong women stay slim
S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
bowling hehe , also a game of rounderes lol , good luck
Nessa, Step away from the kitchen, If you eat it i`m gonna get a gang together to sort you out babe lol
"Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"
Say it with me,

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